These Low-Carb Breakfasts 🍳 Will Keep You Full πŸ”‹ for Hours ⏰ ...

While your body does need some carbs to function, many people overdo it on simple carbs, which can cause a spike and then crash in your blood sugar. By cutting those carbs from your morning meal, you make more room for protein, which will help fuel your morning completely hunger-free until lunchtime comes. The healthy complex carbs (like those in fruits and veggies) are great alternatives. If you're watching your carb intake, these breakfast recipes are a great choice any day of the week.

1. Hard-boiled Eggs with Avocado

Source: 26 Quick Breakfasts That Will
You will love the creamy texture of this delicious dish.

2. Cottage Pancakes

Source: The Fountain Avenue Kitchen –
These light and fluffy pancakes are low in carbs and high in protein. And they taste delicious too!

3. Eggs in Clouds

Source: 31 Delicious Low-Carb Breakfasts For
This might not look like the average low-carb breakfast, but you will love it all the same.

4. Cheese Danish

Source: Cheese Danish
Yes! You can totally enjoy a cheese danish when you're watching your carbs. Hooray!

5. French Toast Egg Puff

Source: Sugar Free Like Me: French
Here's a fabulous way to enjoy French toast even if you are eating a low-carb diet.

6. Paleo Sausage Egg Sandwich

Source: 31 Delicious Low-Carb Breakfasts For
This low-carb sandwich will please your palate and help you stick with your health goals.

7. Eggs and Bacon on Lettuce

Source: Ketogenic Diet Food List
Eggs and bacon are virtually carb-free, making them a protein-packed and tasty thing to eat for breakfast.

8. Low-Carb Egg Muffins

Source: Low-Carb Egg Muffins - Eat
You can make a whole batch of these on Sunday and have breakfast for the entire week.

9. Grain-free Pancake Muffins

Source: Grab N Go Pancake Muffins
These berry filled muffins will have you leaping out of bed in the morning.

10. Skinny Omelet

Source: 7 High-Protein, Low-Carb Breakfast Recipes
Eggs are a low-carb, high protein option for a tasty veggie filled omelet.

11. Cream Cheese Pancakes

Source: Cream Cheese Pancakes (Low Carb
These creamy pancakes will make your mouth water, even on the earliest morning.

12. Paleo Breakfast Burrito

Source: Paleo Breakfast Burrito
Skip the tortilla to create a breakfast burrito you can feel great about eating.

13. Low Carb Smoothies

Source: Low Carb Smoothie Recipes
Fruit is a great option in the morning. Blended with yogurt or milk, you have the perfect morning meal.

14. Stuffed Breakfast Peppers

Source: Stuffed Breakfast Peppers
The peppers give this meal just the right flavor to wake you up in the morning.

15. Breakfast Lasagna

Source: Low Carb Breakfast Lasagna (Gluten
This filling meal is low in carbs and high in flavor.

16. Spaghetti Squash Hashbrown

Source: Spaghetti Squash Hashbrown
Enjoy hashbrowns without all the carbs by making them with spaghetti squash instead.

17. Prosciutto & Egg Roll-Ups

Source: 23 Healthy And Delicious Low-Carb
The prosciutto gives the eggs just the right touch of saltines. Yum!

18. Tomatoes in Eggs

Source: Top 10 Diabetic Breakfast Ideas
Tomatoes and eggs are two things that just go so well together.

19. Apples and Peanut Butter

Source: 31 Delicious Low-Carb Breakfasts For
This breakfast combines the sweetness of the apples with the nuttiness of the almonds. You'll never get tired of it!

20. Asparagus and Eggs

Source: 31 Low-Carb Breakfasts That Will
Doesn't this look yummy?

Which of these recipes would make you want to get up in the morning? What other low-carb breakfasts do you love?