7 Things You Should Know before Picking up an Egg Carton ...


Eggs are back in the spotlight these days, but not because they are bad for you. There was a time when health experts thought that eggs had too much cholesterol and didn’t have a place in a nutritious diet. Things have changed though as new research finds that eating eggs is actually a very good choice. They are loaded with protein and tons of antioxidants so you can likely eat an egg every day without a problem. Here’s what to know before you buy your carton of eggs.

1. Don’t Get Tricked by What Color Your Eggs Are

The color of your eggs mean nothing so don’t think that the brown eggs are better than the white ones. The breed of hen is what determines the egg color and the one you choose doesn’t affect the taste or nutritional quality of the egg. Sometimes brown eggs are priced higher, but the white ones are perfectly fine if you don’t want to pay more.

Choose Grade a Eggs
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