7 Things Your Cup of Tea Might Say about Your Personality ...


Next time you cozy up with a cup of tea, think about what your cup of tea says about you for a moment. Now hold on here, donโ€™t think Iโ€™ve lost my mind. I do have a point, I promise! Did you know that the types of tea we crave and drink each day can reflect parts of our personality? I sure didnโ€™t know this until recently, or rather, I hadn't given it much thought. Then I started researching herbal medicine, along with herbal teas, and learned quite a few interesting things in the process. In fact, I even took a quiz online showing me what types of tea are best for my personality. Iโ€™ll include a link below if you want to take it as well. I found it quite helpful, and very accurate. It's also helped me drink certain teas to help balance my body. Here are a few ways to tell what your cup of tea says about you, and how you can even use certain blends to enhance your health.

1. Peppermint


First, to find out what your cup of tea says about you, consider thinking about why you drink the type of tea you do. For instance, let's start with a popular tea- peppermint tea. Uplifting. Relaxing. Slightly sweet. Refreshing. Calming. Soothing. All of those things describe peppermint, which is often used as a relaxing agent, along with a tummy soother. Itโ€™s also great for anxiety, so I bet if you love peppermint like I do, youโ€™re soft, sweet, but perhaps a bit on the anxious side with a slight touch of jittery. This probably makes your stomach feel like a big knot at times, or might even give you a headache. Peppermint relaxes, soothes, and calms all in just a few sips. Itโ€™s hands down my favorite tea of all, and always has been. It's known to be a calming agent for anxiety, to boost mental focus, soothe digestion, prevent indigestion and constipation, and relieve headaches as well.

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