Things Your Cup of Tea Might Say about Your Personality ...


Things Your Cup of Tea Might Say about Your Personality ...
Things Your Cup of Tea Might Say about Your Personality ...

Next time you cozy up with a cup of tea, think about what your cup of tea says about you for a moment. Now hold on here, don’t think I’ve lost my mind. I do have a point, I promise! Did you know that the types of tea we crave and drink each day can reflect parts of our personality? I sure didn’t know this until recently, or rather, I hadn't given it much thought. Then I started researching herbal medicine, along with herbal teas, and learned quite a few interesting things in the process. In fact, I even took a quiz online showing me what types of tea are best for my personality. I’ll include a link below if you want to take it as well. I found it quite helpful, and very accurate. It's also helped me drink certain teas to help balance my body. Here are a few ways to tell what your cup of tea says about you, and how you can even use certain blends to enhance your health.

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Peppermint First, to find out what your cup of tea says about you, consider thinking about why you drink the type of tea you do. For instance, let's start with a popular tea- peppermint tea. Uplifting. Relaxing. Slightly sweet. Refreshing. Calming. Soothing. All of those things describe peppermint, which is often used as a relaxing agent, along with a tummy soother. It’s also great for anxiety, so I bet if you love peppermint like I do, you’re soft, sweet, but perhaps a bit on the anxious side with a slight touch of jittery. This probably makes your stomach feel like a big knot at times, or might even give you a headache. Peppermint relaxes, soothes, and calms all in just a few sips. It’s hands down my favorite tea of all, and always has been. It's known to be a calming agent for anxiety, to boost mental focus, soothe digestion, prevent indigestion and constipation, and relieve headaches as well.


If peppermint tea is your go-to choice, it's likely that you're a beacon of tranquility in a chaotic world. You might be seen as the person who brings peace to heated discussions, calming the storm with your mere presence. Your preference might hint at your desire for a cool, composed lifestyle, where stress is managed with grace. It's possible you take life in stride, seeking to spread that sense of peace to those around you. Peppermint lovers often gravitate towards serenity and order, embodying the refreshing clarity that their favorite tea provides. So, if this is your cup of tea, you're possibly the zen master among your friends.



Ginger Bold. Calming. Alluring. Heated. All of those things describe ginger, in such a delicious, exotic, and healthy way. Ginger is a little daring, bold, brilliant, and it can signify a couple of things about you. You might be secretly bold and a bit “spicy,” yet you appear calm, collected, and incredibly tamed. Ginger does the same. We see this tea as a simple tea that’s healthy for us, helping relieve joint pain, indigestion, and even fatigue, but we rarely think about what else ginger can do for us. It can spice up your love life by enhancing the libido, speed up the metabolism, and even generate heat to the body if you suffer from cold limbs a good bit. Ginger is secretly spicy, which means you just might be too!



Chai Chai is bold, exotic, and warming, all at the same time, which means you probably crave these aspects within yourself, or you send this type of vibe out into the world. I love the amazing sweet and spicy flavors of chai, such as cinnamon, black pepper, cardamom, ginger, and cloves, just to name a few. It’s always been one of my favorite teas. Chai is very versatile, energizing, and trendy. If you love chai, perhaps it might mean you need a little bit of energy and warmth to get you going, or perhaps you just crave something bold and exotic to balance out your body. If you are a bit sluggish and dull feeling, chai wakes you up in a very calming and soothing way. It also helps indigestion, which can occur from stress or anxiety.



Green Green tea is fabulously calming, soothing, and relaxing. It’s also subtly energizing in a beautiful way. Chances are if you love green tea, you’re a little down to earth, while still seeking that extra bit of spark and allure that green tea can give to all of us. Or, maybe you’re a little too wound up at times, and use green tea to soothe you while still giving you plenty of energy. Green tea is a classic, and timeless in its essence, meaning you probably are too and appreciate having a tea that gives you exactly what you need without much fuss, all in a few sips.



Chamomile Beautiful. Soft. Sweet. Relaxing. Calming. Soothing. Chamomile is one of the most amazing teas out there. The chamomile flower has been used throughout time to create a relaxing and soothing effect to those who use it. It can also be used to lighten and soften your hair, or you can drink the tea internally to create digestive comfort. It can also be used to relax yourself after or during a period of anxiety and stress. If you tend to suffer nervousness or insomnia, or you’re just naturally soft, sweet, and mellow all around, chamomile is likely a tea you love.


Chamomile enthusiasts often carry a sense of tranquility within their aura, much like the tea itself. If this tea speaks to you, your vibe is probably one of gentle strength and patience. Picture yourself wrapped in a cozy blanket of serenity - that's chamomile's embrace. Whether it's about treating yourself to a moment of peace or sharing that warmth with others, you likely prioritize wellness and harmony. Embracing the herbaceous whispers of chamomile reflects a soul that finds beauty in simplicity and a mind that treasures the quiet moments life offers.



Tulsi Tulsi, or Holy Basil, is a brilliant tea loved by many. It’s one of the healthiest teas in the world, known for helping your body cope with stress. Since it’s an adaptogen, it works with your body to ease stress and fight off future stress as well. If you’re a fan of Tulsi, you might suffer from nervousness, fatigue, or just general anxiety. It’s also wonderful for anti-aging, so perhaps you’re also a beauty buff and use it for preventative measures. Smart thinking!



Black Simple. Classic. Bold. Energizing. Black tea is perhaps as simple as you can get, which means you probably are too, in a wonderful way. Black tea doesn’t need a lot of marketing, fancy appeal, or hype about it. It’s confident just as it is, and needs no other adornments at all. If it’s your go-to tea, you’re probably incredibly classy, sophisticated, bold, simple, and yet also. Black tea is like the Audrey Hepburn of the tea world, if you will. Simplicity and sophistication, all in one package.

By all means, these tea personalities aren’t an all or nothing description of you, but it does give you something to ponder on, right? To get an accurate description of your tea personality, check out a new quiz on the web that shows you what teas are best for your personality on the Traditional Medicinals website. Surprisingly, after I took the quiz, which asked me about my personality, I was given the three best teas for me, that just happened to be my favorite ones! This told me this quiz was pretty awesomely accurate, so I thought you might like it too. You can find the quiz here: What’s your favorite tea? What do you think it might say about you in three words or less?

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what if you drink black tea in the morning then green tea in the afternoon and a chai? what does this mean?????

Chai and chamomile for me!

What about Rooibos tea?

My favorites are chai and jasmine green teas.

Rooibos is good for your abdomen and makes you sleepy.

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