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It’s very hard to deny yourself when you’re craving something sweet. You probably know that too much of the sweet stuff isn’t good for your health, right? It can cause weight gain, aging and even insulin resistance and heart disease. So what’s a girl to do when she wants a treat, but doesn’t want to ruin her health? Have something naturally sweet and you can have the best of both worlds. Here’s what the most beautiful models are eating when a sweets craving strikes.

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Have a Single Serving of Fat-Free Chocolate Pudding

At under 200 calories, this is sweet snack you can feel good about eating. Top it with a handful of sliced almonds and you get a crunchy texture that can’t be beat. I don’t know about you, but this sounds like the perfect snack to eat while watching all your guilty pleasure Netflix shows. Just stick to one serving or you’ll overdo it.


Treating yourself doesn't have to mean a cheat day disaster. Opt for a fat-free Greek yogurt sprinkled with cinnamon and a drizzle of honey. This guilt-free indulgence packs a protein punch while satisfying that sugar urge, clocking in at around 150 calories. It's a creamy dream come true for your taste buds and your figure. Just remember, moderation is key—savor every spoonful to keep your cravings in check and your goals on track. So, go ahead, indulge in this delicate dance of sweet and tangy—your secret to staying model-fit and fabulously fulfilled.


Nibble on Some Fresh Fruit Dipped in Chocolate

Fresh fruit is a perfect way to satisfy your need for sweets. If it’s just not doing the trick on its own, try dipping it in a small bit of melted chocolate. You’ll feel like you’re eating something totally decadent without getting too much sugar. Try bananas, strawberries and pineapples. They all taste so great, you won’t feel deprived at all.


Sweeten up Plain Yogurt with Honey

Yogurt is definitely not something that’s generally low in sugar. Some containers have more sugar than you need in an entire day. Choose the plain, lower sugar version, then sweeten it up with honey and fresh fruit. You’ll feel like you’re eating something really bad for you, but you aren’t. Perfect!


Dip Pear Slices in Almond Butter

Tired of apples with peanut butter? Me too. Try a pear dipped in almond butter and that problem is solved. The mixture is just sweet enough to satisfy a craving, but with only about 200 calories, you keep your sugar and calorie intake under control. You are going to love this combination.


Swap the Ice Cream for a Dish of Frozen Yogurt

When nothing else will do, frozen yogurt can satisfy a craving for a dish of creamy goodness. It’s pretty much the same thing, but with far less sugar than ice cream. That allows you to enjoy the treat without wrecking your healthy goals. What more could you ask for?


Make like You’re at the Movies and Have Some Red Vines

Here’s a surprise – Red Vines are actually a pretty decent choice when you want to have some candy without taking in too much sugar. As a bonus, this classic movie treat has fewer than 100 calories per serving. Don’t eat too many of them, but having a few is a choice you can feel pretty good about.


Top a Toasted Whole Grain Waffle with Low-Sugar Preserves

This is the perfect choice if you need a hit of sugar at mealtime. Start with a frozen multi-grain waffle, which on its own doesn’t have a ton of sugar. Then spread it with low-sugar fruit jelly or preserves and you have a decadent tasting meal that won’t ruin your goals. Yum!

Models are smart ladies, aren’t they? They know how to eat while keeping themselves svelte at the same time. Which of these model worthy sweet treats are you dying to try?

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Aaaargh hate my spelling mistakes. Most models spoke so yes eat healthily but have the chocolate or ice cream if u fancy but all in moderation. Simples

Where are your sources? I don't see a single model name, interview mention etc. most models are on strict diets and don't eat anything other than what their trainer planned for them. They usually only indulge when they aren't working for a while or they are at an event where the sponsor is for some junk food, then must pose and eat it only on camera, but have to work out twice as hard afterwards.

Most models spoke and have toy fancy but in moderation.simples.

Were you drunk..

This sounds like a diet for rich people that hate themselves.

Red vines. Because what the heck can't they do??

Why is everybody hating?? What the hell this is great I love that you wrote this

Hahaha most models smoke...

Please DON'T SMOKE to be thin. It's a NASTY ADDICTION that turns your teeth and nails yellow and gives you wrinkles, plus it CAUSES CANCER-ALL KINDS OF CANCER, NOT JUST LUNG. I only tried smoking ONCE IN MY LIFE FOR A DAY & quit in a day, but still got Thyroid Cancer. Luckily, I am a 6 year survivor, but I will NEVER SMOKE AGAIN!

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