This Pizza Dough Mix in a Jar Makes a Fantastic Gift Idea ...

This is so nice. Who wouldn't like a home baked pizza over the holidays when everyone has had just about enough of turkey? I know I would!

Simply grab a jar, some flour, yeast, and a couple of other ingredients to make the neatest holiday gift ever, although it's perfect for any other gift-giving special occasion.

Follow along for easy instructions...

The ingredients are so cheap, making this a frugal gift.

Do you know of a person over the holidays that could use some food? A charity?

If you'd like, as she states in the video, you could pair up the pizza dough in a jar with your favorite pizza sauce, whether homemade or store-bought. Present as is or in a gift basket. Maybe include a cute dish towel or pot holder. You've got this.

Include the family with the gift in a jar project. You are teaching them a good lesson.

I hope you like.

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