Throw Some Peas in Your Cart Here Are 28 Reasons Why ...

By Eliza

Throw Some Peas in Your Cart Here Are 28 Reasons Why ...

Peas are a humble veggie that don't get much love. They are so inexpensive and you can buy them frozen all year round. So why aren't you? Sure, alone they aren't anything to write home about, but peas are a fabulous ingredient that you can use to make some of the most delicious meals you'll ever taste. Still skeptical? I think the recipes on this list will change your mind.

Table of contents:

  1. creamy potatoes and peas
  2. bacon pea salad with cheddar cheese
  3. beef stew
  4. chicken mushrooms with pasta
  5. israeli couscous with chicken and peas
  6. tuna noodle casserole
  7. creamy tortellini alfredo
  8. spiced samosa patties
  9. macaroni and peas
  10. roasted peas with olive oil and salt
  11. fancy peas
  12. macaroni salad with ham, peas and dill
  13. creamy pea salad
  14. split pea soup
  15. sauteed asparagus and peas with butter and honey
  16. homemade wasabi peas
  17. potatoes, ham and peas
  18. homemade veggie soup
  19. peas with prosciutto
  20. spring quinoa salad
  21. classic 7-layer salad
  22. parmesan peas
  23. portuguese braised peas with eggs
  24. yellow rice with peas
  25. italian peas
  26. fresh and minty soup
  27. baked chicken tenderloins with orzo and peas
  28. toast with lemony pea mash

1 Creamy Potatoes and Peas

Creamy Potatoes and Peas Source: Creamy Potatoes & Peas
This double duty side dish gives you a veggie and a starch in one. And it tastes good!

2 Bacon Pea Salad with Cheddar Cheese

Bacon Pea Salad with Cheddar Cheese Source: Easy Bacon Pea Salad
It might not be the healthiest side dish, but it's definitely one of the tastiest.

3 Beef Stew

Beef Stew Source: Gonna Want Seconds - Easy
Make beef stew even more filling by tossing in a couple of handfuls of peas.

4 Chicken Mushrooms with Pasta

Chicken Mushrooms with Pasta Source: Life-Changing One-Pot Pasta
This is yummy! The combination of peas, mushrooms and pasta is one that can't be beat!

5 Israeli Couscous with Chicken and Peas

Israeli Couscous with Chicken and Peas Source: Israeli Couscous with Chicken and
This is easy to make and is a one pot meal that is hearty and delicious.

6 Tuna Noodle Casserole

Tuna Noodle Casserole Source: Food Wishes Video Recipes: A
The peas in this casserole give it lots nutrition and some great color too.

7 Creamy Tortellini Alfredo

Creamy Tortellini Alfredo Source: Simple And Creamy Tortellini Alfredo
I bet you want to grab a fork and dig right into this, don't you?

8 Spiced Samosa Patties

Spiced Samosa Patties Source: Spiced Samosa Patties. - The
Curry gives the peas and potatoes in this recipe some pizazz. Yum!

9 Macaroni and Peas

Macaroni and Peas Source:
Need something that both kids and adults will like? I think this will do it for you.

10 Roasted Peas with Olive Oil and Salt

Roasted Peas with Olive Oil and Salt Source: roasted | Search Results
This addicting little snack has loads of crunch and vitamins and mineral too.

11 Fancy Peas

Fancy Peas Source: Fancy Peas | Chef in
This dish will make everyone at the table smile with bliss.

12 Macaroni Salad with Ham, Peas and Dill

Macaroni Salad with Ham, Peas and Dill Source: Happier Than A Pig In
This is a great alternative to potato salad at your next potluck.

13 Creamy Pea Salad

Creamy Pea Salad Source: Creamy Pea Salad | Love
This is another side dish that isn't exactly healthy, but tastes wonderful with barbecue.

14 Split Pea Soup

Split Pea Soup Source: Hearty Split Pea Soup
This hearty soup will warm your belly and your soul.

15 Sauteed Asparagus and Peas with Butter and Honey

Sauteed Asparagus and Peas with Butter and Honey Source: Sautéed Asparagus and Peas
Here's a side dish worthy of a gourmet homemade meal.

16 Homemade Wasabi Peas

Homemade Wasabi Peas Source: Maeve With Love: Wasabi Peas
You'll never have to buy the store bought version ever again. Awesome!

17 Potatoes, Ham and Peas

Potatoes, Ham and Peas Source: Cheesy Ham and Potato Casserole
This one dish meal makes clean up a breeze. What more could you ask for?

18 Homemade Veggie Soup

Homemade Veggie Soup Source: Homemade Pea Soup Recipe
Veggie soup is even better when you make it with peas tossed in.

19 Peas with Prosciutto

Peas with Prosciutto Source: Peas with Prosciutto - A
This is one of my favorite ways to eat peas! The prosciutto gives them just the right touch of saltiness.

20 Spring Quinoa Salad

Spring Quinoa Salad Source: Spring Quinoa Salad with Honey
The dressing is what makes this such an outstanding salad.

21 Classic 7-Layer Salad

Classic 7-Layer Salad Source: Susannah's Kitchen: Recipe | Classic
Take a trip back to your childhood by making this old classic picnic salad.

22 Parmesan Peas

Parmesan Peas Source: Parmesan Peas
Parmesan and peas are a match made in culinary heaven.

23 Portuguese Braised Peas with Eggs

Portuguese Braised Peas with Eggs Source: Recipe Rewind #5: Ervilhas Guisadas
Never thought to have peas for breakfast? Today is the day to give it a try!

24 Yellow Rice with Peas

Yellow Rice with Peas Source: Yellow Rice with Peas {Using
This pairs deliciously with grilled chicken or white fish.

25 Italian Peas

Italian Peas Source: Italian Peas
Once you have peas this way, you'll never want them any other way.

26 Fresh and Minty Soup

Fresh and Minty Soup Source: Green Pea and Mint Soup
This is a refreshing dose of flavor that you'll love more with every bite.

27 Baked Chicken Tenderloins with Orzo and Peas

Baked Chicken Tenderloins with Orzo and Peas Source: Hot Eats and Cool Reads
This meal comes together quickly, but will taste like you slaved for hours.

28 Toast with Lemony Pea Mash

Toast with Lemony Pea Mash Source: Toast with Lemony Pea Mash
Toast isn't just for butter anymore. Try this and you'll see just what I mean.

Do you have a new outlook on peas? I hope this list has gotten you excited to try new things in the kitchen. Which one will you try first?

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