Throw These 7 Things out of Your Kitchen ASAP ...

There's no reason to clutter up your kitchen. It only takes two minutes to clean out all of the items you don't need. Follow Real Simple advice and throw all of these items in the trash:

1. Worn-out Water Bottles

How many times are you going to use the same bottle for the gym?

2. Chipped Plates

You don't want anyone to cut themselves, do you?

3. Duplicate Tools

How many spatulas do you really need?

4. Takeout Menus

Everything's online, so why clutter up your drawers?

5. Kiddie Plates

You stopped using your Dora Explorer plates years ago, so it's time to toss them.

6. Ketchup and Soy Sauce Packets

You always have ketchup in the fridge, so when are you going to use those super old packets?

7. Restaurant Takeout Containers

These are only taking up room. Buy your own containers if you need more.

Are you going to toss out these items, or do you think you need them?