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Need some tips for day drinking this weekend? Day drinking is a super popular and fun way to enjoy a beautiful day, holiday, or sporting event. It can definitely be fun and safe if you follow these tips for day drinking.

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Pick a Designated Driver

One of the most important tips for day drinking is establishing a designated driver. If you’re going to a park, party, or other space where driving is required, make sure you or one of your friends has agreed to attend the party sober. A designated driver will make sure you get to and from the day drinking in a safe manor.


Pace Yourself

It might be tempting to get to the party or day drink and instantly throw back a couple of shots. But the key to a good day drink is pacing yourself. Remember, you have the whole day to drink! Try to stick to a drink an hour. More than that and you might feel some of the unpleasant side effects of drinking too much alcohol.


Flavor Your Water

On a warm day when the weather is beautiful, it’s more important than ever to stay hydrated. Try infusing your water with different fruits and fresh herbs. This will make you more likely to drink water, plus you’ll also get a dose of hangover-preventing vitamins like Vitamins A and C.


Wear Sunscreen or a Hat

If you’re drinking alcohol outside on hot spring or summer day, it might be a good idea to wear sunscreen and/or a hat. There’s nothing worse than being super wasted and dealing with a painful sunburn! Prevent getting sunburned in the first place and you’ll have much more fun.


Cool off Periodically

If you’re day drinking at a pool, beach, or other location near water, it might not be a bad idea to cool off and take a dip in the water periodically. This will keep you from getting overheated. Mind you, DON’T go into the water if you’ve had too much to drink or are by yourself. Many cases of drowning happen when intoxicated people enter large bodies of water like pools or beaches. Also have a sober friend around and stay in the shallow end.


Eat Every Few Hours

Day drinks can easily last four hours or longer. It might be a good idea to keep hunger at bay and eat some food at the day drink. If you’re going to a party that’s BYOB, feel free to pack some healthy snacks like fruits, veggies, or a turkey sandwich on whole grain bread to keep you from getting too famished.


Avoid Beer

I know beer is one of the top day drinking alcohols served at these kinds of parties. But beer is one of the easiest ways to get dehydrated and pack on pounds from a day drink. Even though it feels like you’re drinking a lot of liquid, beer actually dehydrates you, making you more susceptible to getting a hangover the next day. Beer can also bloat you, so if you’re rocking your bikini bod at an all-day pool party, you might want to pick another drink to enjoy.

As long as you stay safe, day drinking is a totally fun way to enjoy time with your friends. What are some of your favorite tips for day drinking like a champ?

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