7 FAST and EASY Tips for Making a Good Looking Breakfast ...


7 FAST and EASY Tips for Making a Good Looking Breakfast ...
7 FAST and EASY Tips for Making a Good Looking Breakfast ...

Don’t approach breakfast with a boring piece of toast, and try making a good looking breakfast that not only energizes you better, but also makes you more satisfied just with the way it looks! I understand people are rushed in the mornings and don’t have time to do a lot of pretty food prep, so don’t mistake what I’m saying here. Research has proven that when our foods are more appealing, we not only feel full faster, but we’re also less likely to snack later on in the day. Making food look more appealing can be great if you’re fixing food for others, but also for yourself. Instead of just dumping something in a bowl, try a few of my favorite ways to make a good looking breakfast. You’ll be more satisfied with your food, and if you’re preparing it for others, they’ll be much more inclined to eat it and enjoy it.

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Layering Layering is a really simple way to make a good looking breakfast. If you’re having yogurt, fruit and granola for instance, how about just layering those in a clear glass for a pretty touch? This takes under 1 minute, yet makes such a more appealing breakfast than just throwing it all in a plastic cup. Kids will love this, but so will you! I bet you’ll feel much happier eating this dish than just one thrown together, which takes the same amount of time, yet doesn’t look nearly as pretty. If you’re having yogurt and nuts, or even just fruit and nut butter, trying layering it in a dish first and adding some pretty garnishes. This makes such an easy breakfast that’s also pretty on the eyes. Omelets can even be layered by placing the omelet on the plate, then adding some chopped tomatoes, and topping with some fresh herbs or avocado. Easy, pretty and satisfying!


Bright Colors

Bright Colors Try eating bright colored foods for breakfast as an easy way to stimulate your brain and wake up your appetite. Select brightly colored veggies or fruits, and omelets are also nice and colorful. Making a smoothie? Make it a bright green color with spinach and matcha green tea powder, or a pretty bright pink with fruit like strawberries and raspberries.



Toppings This is my favorite trick to make food look prettier, and I use it in almost everything I eat. Top smoothies with a few nuts or chia seeds, and top fruit with them too. Top your omelets or eggs with fresh herbs, and perhaps top your yogurt with some cacao nibs, chia seeds and some strawberry slices for a pretty touch. This takes minutes, and is my favorite way to feel like I’m treating myself.


Use a Healthy Spread

Use a Healthy Spread Another fantastic way to make your food look better for breakfast is to use a healthy spread. You know how pretty butter looks slathered on toast or muffins in pictures? Create the same thing in a healthier way! Some of my favorite healthy spread ideas are unsweetened pumpkin or apple butter, no sugar added strawberry jam, raw almond butter with cacao nibs on top, or even greek yogurt mixed with cinnamon as a topping. These are all nutritious options that make your food much more appealing and are healthy too.


Spice It up

Spice It up One of my favorite tricks for making my oatmeal look pretty will also work for your kids or yourself too! I love to put cinnamon, ginger and maybe some pretty cardamom on top of my oatmeal. It gives it such a warming appeal, and it tastes great too! Try topping your yogurt with cinnamon or ginger, which are both nice colors to use, along with great for digestion. Add some black pepper, bright orange turmeric, or bright green parsley flakes to eggs, and even some bright red hot sauce or cayenne pepper. This makes your food prettier just by adding spice and it’s great for your health as a bonus.



Arrangement Another tip for making your food look better is arrangement. Making a plate for yourself and have a few extra minutes? Arrange it nice and neat on your plate. For instance, if you’re having eggs and fruit, don’t eat the fruit out of the carton and just throw your eggs on the plate. Think about those restaurants that serve the same dish and make it that way. Place your eggs on one side, sprinkle them with fun toppings, and then chop and slice your fruit pretty alongside, nice and neat. If you’re having oatmeal and berries, arrange sliced berries in a pretty circle on top instead of just throwing them on top. I know this sounds minimal, but you’d be surprised how effective this can be for satisfying you better, and kids love it!



Nuts Nuts make everything prettier! Just a few is all you need. Add hearty walnut pieces or pecan pieces to the top of your yogurt, oats, smoothies or fruit. Add sliced almonds on top of them too, which are great! Nuts are filling, full of fiber and much healthier for you than a piece of bacon or sausage. Don’t fear their fat, just be mindful of it.

Sometimes, it’s fun to make your food look nice, and when preparing breakfast for your man, or your kids, it can make all the difference to whether they’ll eat it or not. If you’re making it for you, take 30 extra seconds or less and try these tips for yourself. I bet you’ll enjoy your breakfast more and will be satisfied sooner. What’s your tip for making a good looking breakfast?

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