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7 Tips for Surviving a Sunday Brunch ...

By Taji

You might think surviving a Sunday brunch seems like an impossible feat. However, all it takes is tweaking a few habits and slightly modifying your behavior so you’re not tempted by all the high-calorie and high-fat choices that can lead to break outs, weight gain, and other unpleasant health problems. Keep these seven tips in mind for surviving a Sunday brunch.

1 Hangover Food Should Be Light

One of the first things I need to address about surviving a Sunday brunch is whether or not you’re attending brunch hungover. As much as I don’t recommend drinking to the point of getting sick or feeling hungover the next day, I totally understand how one drink can turn into five on a night on the town. In terms of Sunday brunch, although you might be really craving a fattening sausage and egg sandwich or a plate of pancakes the size of your face, these aren’t great choices if you’re hungover and actually will make you feel worse. Even if your friends are ordering heavy dishes, it shouldn’t stop you from keeping things light and fresh.

2 Skimp the Bottomless Mimosa Bar

Am I saying you can’t have a mimosa or bloody Mary? Absolutely not! Just don’t make it a high-calorie, high-sugar habit. Indulging in a bottomless drink special during brunch is practically a meal in itself. Keep the alcohol to a minimum, enjoying no more than two drinks at brunch.

3 Opt for Protein or Refined Carbs

With all the tasty and tempting dishes, it’s certainly easy to go overboard at brunch. Opt for protein-based dishes like eggs or omelets over high-sugar foods like French toast or pancakes. These refined carbohydrate dishes will only cause a spike in your blood sugar, actually leaving you hungrier than when you first arrived at brunch.

4 Enjoy Some Java

The jury is still out regarding coffee and whether or not we should drink it regularly. Although caffeine personally makes me too jittery to function, I definitely understand those of you who love a dark, strong cup of coffee. Regular coffee consumption has actually shown to boost the metabolism, so if that tickles your fancy, definitely feel free to enjoy some java on this Sunday excursion.

5 Indulge in Fruit Salad Instead of Cakes and Desserts

Since a brunch often serves breakfast as well as lunch/dinner options, you might be tempted to order some decadent cheesecake or a buttery pastry. Instead of these sugary treats that only pack on pounds, consider some fresh fruit salad that’s loaded with vitamins and antioxidants. This is a much healthier investment that will keep you full for quite a while.

6 Don’t Head Back for Seconds

It’s hard to not go back for seconds, especially at a buffet-style brunch. If you’re unsure of what to put on your plate (you only have one shot to get it right!), try taking a lap around the buffet first to see what looks good and what you can do without. Then pick the healthiest options and know you made the right choices!

7 Squeeze in a Workout before Going to Brunch

Since brunch usually happens later in the day, if you have the time it might be fun to squeeze in a workout before heading to brunch. If you didn’t go out the night before, you can definitely go to a spin class or hit the weight room—then you won’t feel so guilty about indulging!

Making brunch healthy is definitely possible. All is takes is making a few conscious decisions about what you eat and drink, and avoiding key brunch food traps. What are your favorite healthy tips for surviving a Sunday brunch?

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