7 Tips on Eating Healthy at Weddings That Work ...

Even if the bride doesn't have the same healthy eating habits as you, I want to share with you a few tips on eating healthy at weddings that work. The pretty dress, the dancing, and the love shared between the bride and groom should be your main focus for the night, not trying to figure out just what you can actually eat! While many brides select a delicious menu when planning their wedding, most often, the healthfulness of the food certainly isn't considered. Don't let a wedding, or any other event, derail your healthy eating goals; here's 7 tips on eating healthy at weddings that work!

1. Eat a Snack before the Wedding

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The most important thing to do when it comes to eating healthy at weddings is to be prepared. As I mentioned, some brides will select a few healthy options on their menu, however, many will not. This makes thinking ahead particularly important. Use the hours before the wedding to set yourself up for healthy eating success! Most people fail to think about how much time actually elapses from the time you leave your house until you will actually be eating at the reception. Be sure to eat something light but filling as close to walking out the door as possible! This way, you can make smart decisions using your head and not your stomach, when it's time to eat at the wedding.

2. Scan the Room

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First things first, when it's time to eat, scan the room to become aware of all of the options that you have. Many weddings have different food stations set up all around the room and if you fail to see one, it could end up costing you a healthy meal! Explore the entire buffet before making your plate so that you are certain to fill your plate with the healthy options! Enter the line with not only your plate in hand but a plan too!

3. Choose the Healthy Options

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Once you've scanned the room, now it's time to select the healthiest options. Choose lean protein options like beans, shrimp, grilled fish, grilled chicken, etc. Select the roasted veggies, vegetable kabobs and green salad. These options are lower in fat and calories and the veggies are high in fiber which will help keep you feeling full all evening long. Another one of my go-to healthy wedding foods is raw veggies. CruditΓ©s are super low in calories and carbs, and just like the veggies mentioned above, they are high in fiber which will help fill you up without filling you out in your small dress on the dance floor! Enjoy your raw veggies with a dip or two of hummus and that way you will get a hearty dose of protein and fiber too!

4. Skip the Bread

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Most breads that will be offered on a wedding spread are white bread rolls which do nothing when it comes to your health. White bread offers additional calories without providing any vitamin, minerals or heart healthy fiber. White bread will spike your blood sugar, only leaving you feeling tired a shorty after. Who wants to be tired at a wedding? That's time for dancing, not sleeping!

5. Fill up on Water

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On the day of the wedding, sip on water all day long. Water will help keep you feeling full and will also keep you hydrated. If there is booze involved, be sure to alternate water in between each alcoholic beverage that you drink. As the night goes on, switch over to only water or club soda to prevent feeling hung over (possibly leading to poor nutrition decisions) the following day.

6. Enjoy a Few Bites of the Cake

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You might not have expected to see this one on the list, but there is no reason to deprive yourself of the cake entirely. Instead of eating an entire piece of cake, share one piece and enjoy only a couple of bites; after all, wedding cakes are usually worth the splurge! If it's not the most delicious wedding cake that you have ever had, however, don't waste the calories on something you don't just love! By having only a little bit, you will feel perfectly satisfied instead of feeling deprived. Make room for a few bites of the cake by following my next tip!

7. Dance the Night Away

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Weddings are the best time to show off those dancing skills that have been hiding all year long! Eat just the right amount of food and a small bite of cake and then spend the rest of the night out on the dance floor! Dancing is a great way to burn off those extra calories, leaving you feeling and looking your best! Who knew a workout could be so much fun!

When it comes to healthfully conquering a wedding spread, as you can see all it takes is a little bit of planning and preparation. Choose the healthiest foods, stay hydrated and move your body all night long for a night you won't forget! What is your favorite healthy dish that you have enjoyed at a past wedding?

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