7 Tips to Snack Smarter and Gain Less ...


7 Tips to Snack Smarter and Gain Less ...
7 Tips to Snack Smarter and Gain Less ...

The whole concept of eating three large meals a day is a past time because it is not healthy or good for your waistline. Small snacks throughout the day are where it is at so you can meet your weight loss goals and maintain bettered health. But if you are snacking unhealthily you will not benefit for your waistline and health. Making the right food choices will make a tremendous difference on the scale. Simple choices like making your own granola, paying attention while you eat, being prepared and even shutting the kitchen down early can help you to slim down and shape up. So let’s snack smarter by taking these small steps in the right direction.

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Start the Day the Right Way

Start your day the right way and break the fast with some lean protein. Enjoy a protein shake or eggs so you can consume protein and keep excess weight at bay. A healthy breakfast can make the difference in the food choices throughout the day. That is why you should never have a high carbohydrate breakfast. Enjoy a protein packed meal to help you jumpstart your day!


Make Your Own Granola

Prepare your own granola that you can nosh on later. Add chia seeds, quinoa, rolled oats, seeds and honey for your own healthy snack. You can freeze this and then cut into blocks to enjoy later. Still enjoy in moderation so you can snack smarter and even slim down in the process.


Have Some Nuts

Feeling a little hungry but not ready for a meal. Snack on a handful of nuts to help curb your appetite. Consuming nuts will provide you protein and healthy fats which can cause you to make healthier food choices later. So enjoy nuts in moderation to slim down and have a surge of energy!


Snack Mindfully

Never read or walk around while you snack. Sit down and focus on the meal in front of you. Snacks are just small meals that are more easily digested by the body. So snack with a smile as you focus on each and every bite!


Turn the Lights on

Stop eating in the dark because you need to shed some light on what and how much you are eating, Eating with the lights out can have you eating more than a healthy portion and you may even make the wrong food choices. Eating with the lights on will make you think twice about making a poor food choice!


Be Prepared

Chop up veggies and fruits to store in the refrigerator for later. Make your own peanut butter and dipping sauce. When hunger strikes you will have snacks waiting to be enjoyed and you will slim down and feel better because of this simple choices you made in preparing in advance!


Shut the Kitchen down Early

If you are pacing back and forth in the kitchen deciding what you should eat, maybe you need to just get to bed. Often out of boredom we eat and then eat again, it soon becomes a daily cycle. If you have already consumed your 5-6 mini meals or snacks today, get to bed sleepy head and shut down the kitchen for the night!

Now that you have tips on how to snack healthy, remember that snacking the right way is part of a healthy, balanced eating plan. Just make healthy choices. Are you ready to snack smarter to see great results?

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I like to eat hard boiled eggs for breakfast and get naked (juice) haha sure you heard of naked juice from your local food store

Then work out indoors or outdoors depends on many things :)

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