7 Tomato Varieties You're Totally Missing out on ...

There are oh so many tomato varieties out there, so you shouldn’t be stuck eating the same old Roma all the time. There’s something about these other varieties that are just so sweet and delicious. After all, many are bred to be

ultra-tasty and beautiful at the same time. The best place to find off-the-wall tomato varieties is at farmer’s markets, but if you keep your eyes open, you might just stumble across some beauties at your local supermarket. If you get the chance to sample them, the following are the cream of the crop.

1. Campari

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Campari tomatoes are one of the best-looking tomato varieties available. Each is about the size of a golf ball and has one of the deepest and most beautiful colors around. The hybrids have a wonderful sweet flavor that simply can’t be matched. Look for the ones with firm skin for the best taste. This is a great choice to chop up for salads or for slicing and putting on sandwiches and burgers.

2. Giant Belgium

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As its name implies, the Giant Belgium is a large tomato that has a dense flesh. That makes it the perfect option for slicing and grilling. You can also use these to brighten up a salsa or relish recipe. The ripe products are pink in color, which makes them stunning as well as delicious. Try adding this variety to a fresh bowl of gazpacho or pair it with mozzarella and basil for a yummy side dish that you’ll absolutely love.

3. Summer Girl

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You can tell this tomato variety is delicious just by its name. It makes me think of backyard barbecues with tables loaded down with everything the season has to offer. This type of tomato is especially resistant to disease so you can be sure you’re getting something that looks appealing and tastes great too. The best news is that the Summer Girl tomato is ready to harvest and eat early in the season, so get ready to enjoy a few right away.

4. Principe Borghese

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It’s got a weird name, but this is the ultimate tomato for drying or making into paste. That’s because it very often contains no seeds. It keeps its fresh, summer flavor even if you cook it down or dry it. Enjoy a few right off the vine, but then preserve the rest and you’ll have super delicious tomatoes to enjoy all year long. Use paste in pasta sauces or gazpacho. Dried tomatoes are a perfect addition to risotto, or pesto. They also work great on pizza!

5. Taxi

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What color do you think of when you need to hail a taxi? That’s right, yellow. So you can expect a fabulous yellow color when you’re in search of these yummy tomatoes. They’re perfect for a salad because they boast a savory taste that isn’t as sweet as so many other types of tomatoes. The skin is tender, so you can just slice and enjoy!

6. Cherokee Purple

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Tomatoes come in so many more colors than just red. This version has a subtle purple color that makes it look so delicious it’ll be hard to turn it down. The ripe tomatoes are quite large, making them perfect for slicing and adding to your favorite sandwich or burger. This tomato variety is slow growing, but I promise the wait will be totally worth it.

7. Green Zebra

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I find it nearly impossible to turn down a plate of fried green tomatoes. That’s why this is one of my favorite varieties. It has a wonderful green, striped appearance that just makes it scream “fry me up and serve me with some ranch dressing.” The flavor is slightly acidic, so you might not like this type raw. I’ll nibble on it straight from the vine, but as you can tell, I love tomatoes in any shape, size or flavor.

What do you do with tomatoes? Which variety are you rushing out to buy? Let me know what your favorite varieties are so I can add them to my list. In the meantime, I’m off to eat a tomato – my stomach is growling and my mouth is watering.

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