Top 10 Restaurants in the World in 2019 ...

If there is one thing that I am sure we all have in common across the world, it is a love of amazing food! Your mum might know exactly how to make spaghetti the way that you like it best, but there is no doubting that if you ever got the chance, you would love to sit at the tables of some of the greatest eateries that have ever existed! We might not get the chance to visit them in person, but we can visit them in our minds, can’t we? Here are the top 10 restaurants in the world in 2019!

1. Osteria Francescana, Modena, Italy

The creative baby of chef Massimo Bottura, this restaurant is consistently regarded as the very best in the world. It blends traditional Italian flavors with contemporary flair to create some truly special, one of a kind dishes. Good luck with getting on the waiting list! Tasting menus start at $290.

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