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Traditional Easter food differs around the world, doesn’t just involve chocolate eggs and each has its own significance. You look around the supermarket and see cardboard cut-out figures of eggs and rabbits, and you know that Easter is not far away. Easter time is filled with early church services, Easter egg painting, the turning of Spring, and most importantly, delicious traditional Easter foods. I’ve compiled a list of traditional Easter foods to help your preparations for this food-filled holiday, and let the kids know it’s not just all about the chocolate!

1. BOILED Eggs

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Eggs are the traditional Easter food that symbolizes symbolize new life around spring derived from the Christian belief that Jesus Christ rose from the dead on Easter Sunday. Traditionally, Easter eggs were dyed or painted chicken eggs which you could buy or hand paint yourself. Many Christian countries can boast of their own special way of decorating eggs for Easter as well as other associated traditions in how they are eaten, used or displayed.

Chocolate Eggs
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