Delectable πŸ˜‹ Ways to Make the Best Pasta 🍝 You've Ever Had in Your Life 🌎 ...

Do you love pasta, but find that it gets clumpy when you make it? Or maybe you’re tired of bland pasta and would like some new ways to pump up the flavor? I have some suggestions that are sure to make your pasta step up its game! Please keep reading to find out what they are!

1. Add a Teaspoon of Coconut Oil to the Water Once It Begins to Boil

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Coconut oil is the man of the hour. That stuff is simply marvelous for just about anything! Adding a teaspoon of coconut oil to your boiling water has two benefits: it prevents your pasta from being clumpy and sticking together, and it also sneaks in some healthy nutrients and fats!

2. Stir Your Pasta Often While Boiling It

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It’s easy to forget about your pasta while it’s boiling, but one way to prevent clumpy pasta is to stir it often! I like to use a long handled spoon to prevent myself from being burned.

3. Rinse the Pasta after You Drain It to Remove Excess Starch

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Maybe you’ve known this tip for years, but it took me a while to learn it! Once I started rinsing my pasta, I found that it removed the excess starch, which made for better tasting and less sticky pasta. If you have a colander, dump the pasta in there and use your kitchen sprayer to rinse the pasta and drain it off.

4. Stir in One Teaspoon of Butter While Your Pasta is Still Warm

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Here’s a way to really boost your pasta’s game up! Butter adds flavor, and let’s just face it, nearly anything tastes better drenched in butter! Add a pinch of salt at this time too, so your pasta has extra kick. My favorite is sea salt, or Himalayan salt, also known as β€œpink salt”.

5. Drizzle Your Favorite Salad Dressing on the Pasta

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For a quick and easy side dish, you can simply drizzle some salad dressing onto your pasta and you’re good to go! I love vinegar-based salad dressings in my pasta, but creamier salad dressings also pair well with pasta and are more reminiscent of β€œcomfort food”.

6. Spice up Your Pasta with Some Seasonings

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Adding fresh herbs and spices to your pasta is a sure party pleaser. If you are stuck using dried herbs, sprinkle them onto a cutting board and β€œcrush” them before you sprinkle them onto the pasta. This β€œwakes” up the herb and allows flavor to kick in.

7. Sautee a Few Veggies in Coconut Oil and Mix Them in with the Pasta

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To turn your pasta into a meal, it’s fun to sautΓ© some colorful veggies and throw them into your pasta dish. If I’m feeling adventurous, I’ll add some nuts or chicken too! A healthy dish bursting with flavor!

We have pasta pretty often in our house, so these tips have helped me perfect my pasta over time! Pasta is easy to make, but there are a few simple tweaks that make it so much better! I hope these tips have been helpful for you! Thanks for reading and have a fabulous day Stalkers!

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