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Beating the caffeine habit is one of those things in life we like to put off for another day. The thought of not having that cup of joe in the morning or not meeting the girlfriends at the local coffee shop seems implausible. But rest assured, you can still do these things sans caffeine. Beating the caffeine habit has never tasted this good before!

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Expand Your Horizons

Believe it or not, there is more to drink in this world than cola, black tea, energy drinks, and coffee! Explore the drink aisles, including the coffee aisle where you will also find various teas such as (yummy) chai. Also consider drinking more water. There are many new products which you can add to it if you prefer something a little less basic while you are beating the caffeine habit.


Start Slowly

Just because you want to beat the caffeine habit does not mean you have to give up caffeine completely. Instead, start slowly. Instead of having 2 cups of coffee in the morning, try one. You can even mix your caffeinated coffee with some decaf, increasing the percentage of decaf every day until you are drinking all decaf and no regular coffee. Or, exchange one of your sodas every day for a glass of water. Starting slowly will help you to get your caffeine fix and not miss the caffeine you're not having.


Water Water Water

Sometimes, we go after caffeine to give us an energy boost. What can do the trick even better is to stay hydrated. Caffeine is a natural dehydrant. Stick with water if energy is what you're searching for. No caffeine and all of the energizing powers!


The Buddy System

Do you know someone who is also addicted to caffeine? Just like a diet, keep each other on track and motivated to reach your goals. When you go out with your friend, why don't each of you try a new non-caffeinated drink? That way you can get two ideas for the price of one! Having a friend to keep you on track is a social way to meet a personal goal.


Break the Habit

Sometimes a habit is just that. It is something that we do over and over again, that becomes part of our life. There is no other reason to do it other than that we have always done it. When you are going for your caffeine of choice, find ways to make a detour in another direction. If you always have a soda at 4pm, try a piece of fruit instead. If you love your morning coffee, go for the juice carton in place of it. If you like your weekend coffee, try a weekend walk instead. There's no saying you have to exchange liquid for liquid. Breaking a habit takes being creative. You can do this!



Think of what you would spend your money on if you were not buying two or three or more cups of coffee a day, or buying 12 packs of soda every week. Imagine how much money that adds up to in a year, and think of what you could do with that money. If being healthier is not a big enough goal for you, perhaps the money you will save can be.


Reward Yourself

For every week that you go without caffeine, give yourself a little treat. Whether it's a pair of earrings, a new book, or a cupcake, tell yourself that you are proud of you in a little way that will mean a lot.

Breaking the caffeine habit will change your life for the better. Instead of thinking of the doors that close, remember the open windows. Doing things to help your body be healthier every day is a way to show yourself how much you care about you! How do you overcome habits you're trying to break?

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I have to admit that giving up carbonated drinks was hard but I've gone about 6 months drinking wAter everyday and a small cup of coke once or twice a month! I feel healthier! I just can't let go of my coffee! Haha.

Water water water

Coffee is a must have for me

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