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Junk food is something most of us grew up eating and enjoying but there are some facts about junk food you might be interested to know, especially if you’re concerned about your weight and health. Junk food isn’t just high in calories and fat. It’s also extremely processed and in many ways, doesn’t even resemble real food. Consider that plants come straight out of the ground and take little effort to make it to our tables in comparison to an Oreo that’s been artificially flavored and preserved with chemicals and sugar. Plus, some facts about junk food are just plain gross! Get the details and spend your money on nature’s finest fruits and veggies instead!

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Jello is Made from Cows

Jello is a colorful, cute little jiggly food we all grew up eating and it’s also one of the sources of the grossest facts about junk food of all. Gelatin is made from collagen, which comes from animal skins (usually cows.) Though some people believe gelatin to be a natural beauty aid, I think I’d rather just apply sunscreen and eat my veggies - what about you?


Your Peanut Butter is Probably Moldy

Most all peanuts carry mold due to growing conditions and the way they’re harvested. If you suffer yeast allergies, it’s best to avoid peanuts if you can. Peanuts can even contain rodent hair and insect fragments, both of which the FDA approves because they’re in somewhat small amounts. Choose organic raw almond or cashew butter instead if you’d like your sandwich pest-free!


Natural Flavors from Beavers

Many natural flavors, especially those of vanilla and raspberry varieties, contain a substance from beavers known as castoreum. Castoreum is actually anal gland juice used from beavers because of it’s orange, slightly pinkish brown color. Seriously? How about just using real vanilla and raspberries instead, folks?


Hormones in Your Ice Cream

Most all commercial dairy ice creams are a source of sex hormones from female cows. Because there is such a large demand for ice cream sandwiches, traditional ice cream, ice cream pops and other tasty ice cream choices, female cows are given additional hormones over and over each day to produce excess milk for products. I don’t know about you ladies, but I don’t want anymore hormones to deal with than I already have to!


Hair in Your Breakfast Pastry

Another common occurrence is human hair or duck feathers being found in breakfast pastries. Yep- that blueberry streusel “fiber-filled” snack might just contain tracings of another species. L- Cysteine is an amino acid that’s often used in production of commercial bread and baked goods due to the way it improves the dough consistency. It’s hard to avoid so you might want to opt for a plain bowl of oats or bake your own bread instead.


Candy Corn Contains Insect Remains

Candy corn’s glossy, shiny coating isn’t due to the “corn” it’s made from folks - it’s actually shellac, which is just a fancy name for insect excretions. I only wish I were kidding you! Don’t ask me why they source this material to make one of Halloween’s most treasured candies so appealing but I would suggest you choose an organic brand of candy corn and other Halloween candy, which will be safe from such ingredients.


Red Candy Comes from Beetles

The pretty red candies and even red gummy bears you grew up eating aren’t made that way naturally. The color actually comes from a substance known as carmine, which is derived from beetle excretions. It’s labeled as red #4, cochineal, carmine, and crimson lake on a food label. Avoid it and if you buy candies, try to choose organic and non-GMO brands whenever possible. Better yet, just have a red apple instead.


Milkshakes and Fertilizers

A commercial fast food milkshake contains more chemicals than a chemical commercial fertilizer! Strawberry flavor seems to be the biggest culprit but any milkshake made with perfumes and dyes is a sure sign the product contains chemicals. A standard fast food milkshake can have up to 50 chemicals per medium shake. Yikes!


Hotdog Horror

I hate to tell you all this but hotdogs aren’t just random animal parts such as a rib, leg, etc. They’re made from the anus and lips of pigs. Still want that chili dog? Have a veggie hotdog or better yet - veggie-filled meal instead!

These facts about junk food may gross you out but if nothing else, it might make you a little healthier to know the truth. Though ignorance is bliss, this is one area I’d like to be keen on - what about you?


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I adore candy corn, in fact it's my most favorable candy ever therefore even if it does contain insect remains at least I can enjoy it happily. Besides, who's to say that the supposedly "organic" foods aren't using the same ingredients. The only reason people believe in the "organic" is because they were told, no one has really witnessed these supposed organic foods to be raised differently. You can't believe everything you're told.

Peanut butter is not junk food.

WOW I'm gonna look real good on how some foods are made and what goes into to them that's for filling us in on this information....

Gross but informative and hilariously written, great job.

Abbey, Cysteine is an amino acid that makes up the protein chains in our DNA. If the L-Cysteine is found in that food means the DNA from those critters are in it. Yuck!

Not sure what L- Cysteine has to do with human hair or duck feathers.

Very good information

Is all of this true plz respond ?

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