17 Truths You'll Recognize if Your Eyes Are Bigger than Your Stomach ...

So, here's a huge secret: I love food. That's not surprising, I'm a fat girl and the assumption is that we love food more than anything and eat all the time anyway, right? Yeah, no. I love food, but my stomach is pretty small, so I frequently suffer from this problem where my eyes are bigger than my stomach. You ever hear of that problem? Hell, maybe you have it, too! What happens is that when you're really hungry or you see some delicacy that's just irresistible to your taste buds, you heap it on your plate … but then you can't even get halfway through before you feel stuffed and bloated and so full you never want to eat anything again … until next time, of course.

1. You Always Take More Food …

Like, you take seconds before you've even finished your first helping.

2. … Even if You Never Intend on Eating It All

Well, no, you fully intend to eat it all. You want it all. Every single bit of it. There's just way too much of it.

3. You Order Everything off the Menu

Do you know what's terrible and wonderful all at once? When you're at a new restaurant and everything on the menu looks like something you need to put in your stomach right now. So, you just order everything and talk your guests into letting you pick off their plates.

4. Starters Are Your Favorite Thing in the World

Starters are everything. You need to order all the starters, all the time.

5. You Forget That You Ordered a Meal and Fill up on Breadsticks …

Or just bread. God bless restaurants that provide you with breadsticks.

6. … or Salad and Soup Because You Ordered Both

Heather does this every time. And that's okay because guess what? When she inevitably gets full, I get to finish her soup and salad!

7. Sometimes, You Bring the Entire Container of Things to Work Because You Think You'll Run out

Can you imagine if you ran out of snacks? Work would be horrible. Sometimes shoving grapes in my mouth is the only way I keep from talking ish to everyone around me.

8. Your Pantry is Stocked to the Gills with Four or Five of the Same Thing … for Fear of Running out

Come on. There's nothing worse than running out of macaroni and cheese when you have a craving.

9. At Family Events, Your Plate is Usually Overflowing

Because fam food is fab food.

10. You Want to Try Everything, Always

Everything. You like to say your palate is adventurous, but in truth, you just can't resist trying things that look yummy … even if you know they're not yummy at all.

11. Sometimes You Make Two or Three Servings at Once

This is really just smart meal planning, though.

12. Cutting Your Portions in Half Gives You FOMO

Because it's just not enough. You're missing out on more bites!

13. An Empty Plate Gives You Anxiety


14. You Always Take Your Leftovers Home

The doggie bag is the best invention. You try to say you're going to give your leftovers to your pets or eat them for lunch the next day, but ...

15. You Eat It Later … and Add to It

You finish that deliciousness the same damn day.

16. You Have a Real Fear of Not Having Enough Food

Well, maybe not a real fear. But sometimes you worry about your ability to sneak second and third helpings.

17. Even Though You Know You Can Go Back for Seconds, Who Wants to do That?

Because yeah. Why not just fill up your plate the first time?

Are your eyes bigger than your stomach? Do you need all the food?