7 Types of Burgers You Must Try This Summer ...


Who doesnโ€™t love a nice, juicy burger while sitting on the patio somewhere? If you ask me, thatโ€™s what makes summer so great. Did you know that ground beef isnโ€™t the only option you have when it comes to making a delicious burger? Many supermarkets sell all kinds of ground meats. You can try them alone or mix them into your ground beef to create new and mouthwatering burgers that will leave everyone talking. Here are the best ground meats to try this summer.

1. Ground Pork

Ground Pork

I love to use ground pork when I make meatloaf, so it only makes sense that it would make a tasty burger too. This kind of meat is juicy and is full of great flavor. The best way to use it is to combine it with a 1 to 1 ratio of ground beef and ground pork. Then grill as usual and top with your favorite toppings. I like pickles, spicy mustard and onions.

Ground Salmon
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