7 Types of Melons You've Got to Try This Summer ...


Every time I go to the farmer’s market I see more types of melons. I love cantaloupe and watermelon, so it’s fun to see what else is out there. With the increase in transporting foreign fruits, you can easily find new and different ones that you’ve never tried before. Summer is the perfect time to indulge in melons because they’re so prevalent during the warm months. Give these types of melons a try and let me know what you think.

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Pepino Melon

Pepino Melon This is a great melon for eating raw and has a taste that’s a bit cantaloupe and a bit honeydew. That means it’s sweet, juicy and delicious. Serve the pepino melon to shake things up at your next backyard barbecue or toss chunks of it into a fruit salad or smoothie to give yourself something yummy to look forward to. I think the pepino is one of the most delicious types of melons you’ll find and I think you’ll agree!


Sharlyn Melon

Sharlyn Melon It’s got a strange name, but don’t let that stop you from trying this tasty melon. It looks a lot like a cantaloupe on the outside, but the taste is to die for. When you select a Sharlyn melon, shake it. You’ll be able to hear the seeds rattle inside the best and ripest ones. Serve wedges of this melon raw for a treat you’ll want to eat again and again.


Santa Claus Melon

Santa Claus Melon If the name doesn’t make you happy, the taste will. This melon has a mild but sweet flavor that makes it great to eat alone or to add to your favorite fruity dish. The melon is dark green on the outside with a light green flesh and tan seeds. It also goes by the name Christmas melon and you’ll love this one all summer long.


Persian Melon

Persian Melon This is a hybrid fruit that is a cross between a kumquat and a patel fruit. It’s most commonly served raw and makes a great breakfast. It looks sort of like a cantaloupe, but has an entirely different flavor. This fruit is a fun way to impress guests with something they’ve never tried before. I guarantee everyone will gobble it right up.


Juan Canary Melon

Juan Canary Melon This melon reminds me of a spaghetti squash because it’s got a slightly oblong shape and is bright yellow on the outside. It has a mild, but sweet and tangy flavor that makes it a great addition to your summer meal plans. Look for a slightly firm melon that gives a little at the stem and you'll know you have the ripest choice out there.


Dulcinea Honey Bliss Melon

Dulcinea Honey Bliss Melon This melon is a hybrid of the traditional honeydew you see in stores. It’s white on the outside and very light green on the inside and is often used for ornamental purposes. You can eat it, however, because it has a sweet, juicy taste that will be both refreshing and appetizing on a hot summer day.


Snow Melon

Snow Melon Also called a Hami melon, this is one that might be bit harder to find at supermarkets. Don’t give up though, because it’s totally worth the hunt to find this melon. It’s the perfect summer dessert because it’s sweet and delicious. Pair it with other fruits or eat it alone – either way you’ll be glad you did.

Do you love melon? I like to try a new one when I see one, but my favorite will always be the cantaloupe. Which one will you try first?

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