10 Mouthwatering 🀀 Brunch Recipes to Share 🍽 with Mom πŸ‘©‍πŸ‘¦ ...

What better way to show your mother you appreciate her than with homemade brunch?! And what better way to learn than with these video brunch recipes for Mother's Day? After all, it's easier when you see it done, right?

Whip up a dish or two or create a whole smorgasbord of delectable delights for the entire family to enjoy! Take a peek at some of these amazing video brunch recipes for Mother's Day and get ready to make your mom feel as special as she is.

1. Mini Bacon Egg Toast Breakfast Cups

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These delicious little gems are easy to put together, but add a touch of sophistication to Mother's Day brunch. Everything your mom loves best is right there - eggs, bacon and toast. All wrapped in one bite size cup.

2. Spinach and Potato Crescent Roll Ring

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Want to try something a little different than the same old egg casserole? Impress Mom and show her how much she means to you with this delectable ring packed with spinach and potatoes. Yum!

3. Chilaquiles

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Never had chilaquiles? It's time for you and your mom to see just how delicious they really are. Basically just tortillas, chile and cheese cooked in a skillet, chilaquiles are delicious topped with a fried egg.

4. Citrus Salad

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This light and tangy salad makes great use of spring citrus and looks heavenly too. Grapefruit and oranges are the perfect fruits to pair with brunch so you can't go wrong with this.

5. Fresh Peach Lemonade

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It wouldn't be brunch without a great beverage and this one makes a splash. The fresh taste of peaches combined with lemonade is perfect for a backyard Mother's Day brunch.

6. Perfect French Toast

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Looking for something a bit more traditional? Mom will love having French toast for Mother's Day! It's a treat she probably doesn't make for herself very often so this recipe is a great way to show her how much you care.

7. Monte Cristo Benedict

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Don't you just love it when you can combine two things you love into one meal? This riff on eggs Benedict features the traditional flavors mixed with the delights of a Monte Cristo. Mom will be so impressed!

8. Baked Eggs

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This recipe is really easy to pull off, but looks really fancy at the same time. You can serve it with hashbrowns and fruit for a gourmet brunch fit for any mom.

9. Cinnamon Roll Pancakes

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Anyone can make their mom pancakes, but not just anyone serves Mom something really special. These cinnamon roll pancakes prove your love and offer Mom something really tasty to enjoy on her day.

10. Breakfast Croissant Sandwich

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Forget about the same old egg on an English muffin. Why not serve mom a breakfast sandwich she'll never forget? Serve eggs, turkey, cheese and herbs on a buttery croissant. Some hashbrowns and fresh berries pair just right.

So many incredible recipes! Which will you choose?

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