7 Ultra Exciting Things to do with Blueberries ...


The list of things to do with blueberries is nearly endless. These sweet summer gems are easy to freeze so you can enjoy their delicious flavor all winter too. I usually stock up when blueberries go on sale, so I never have to go without. Of course, a handful of blueberries canโ€™t be beat, but with so many other things to do with blueberries, youโ€™ll never get sick of eating them.

1. Make Slow Cooker French Toast

Make Slow Cooker French Toast

Put this yummy recipe together and turn on your slow cooker just before bed for a tasty breakfast youโ€™ll be happy to wake up for. Layer cubes of Texas toast in your slow cooker and top them with chunks of cream cheese, frozen blueberries, a sprinkling of cinnamon and a dash of brown sugar. Whip together a couple of eggs, some maple syrup and a bit of milk. Pour the mixture over the French toast, turn the slow cooker to low and head to bed. Cook the French toast for about 8 hours. Go ahead and enjoy this delicacy, which is definitely one of many yummy things to do with blueberries.

Whip up Some Salad Dressing
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