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Fun Recipes for Girls Who Crave Snow Cones in Any Season ...

By Lisa

Snow cones are tasty way to celebrate sun, sand, and summer. There's nothing quite as refreshing as shaved ice topped with sweet syrup when it's hot out! If you're ready to take your snow cones to the next level, try out some of these fantastic flavors below!

1 DIY Kool-Aid Snow Cone Syrup

DIY Kool-Aid Snow Cone SyrupDIY Snow Cone Syrup Recipe!
Make your own snow cone syrup with some Kool-Aid, sugar, and water.

2 Sugar-free Snow Cones

Sugar-free Snow Coneshow to make easy sugar
Whip up sugar-free snow cone syrup at home with Crystal Light.

3 Grapefruit Shaved Ice

Grapefruit Shaved IceGrapefruit Shaved Ice
Grapefruit is such a refreshing and tangy flavor, perfect for summer!

4 Strawberry, Mint & Marscapone Granita

Strawberry, Mint & Marscapone GranitaMia Loves Pretty: Ooh la
How gorgeous is this dessert and I bet it tastes just as good as it looks.

5 Chamoyada

ChamoyadaComida mexicana - Página 6
This looks delish! Limes, chili, mango with a savory sauce sounds like the perfect marriage between sweet and salty.

6 Tiger's Blood

Tiger's BloodMy Name Is Snickerdoodle: Tiger's
Learn how to make this popular snow cone syrup flavor at home.

7 All Natural Blueberry and Mango Snow Cone Syrup

All Natural Blueberry and Mango Snow Cone SyrupA Recipe for Healthy Blueberry
Both flavors sound good to me. Wonder how they taste together...

8 Strawberry & Coconut Shaved Ice

Strawberry & Coconut Shaved IceStrawberry Coconut Shaved Ice
Mmm, made with real frozen fruit so you know it's good!

9 Fruit Simple Syrup Recipes

Fruit Simple Syrup RecipesFruit Simple Syrups • this
Easy to make fruit flavored simple syrups using real fruit! Use it to flavor drinks or pour over snow cones.

10 Watermelon Mojito Granita

Watermelon Mojito GranitaWish-I-had-AC Granita
This is also known as a "Wish I had AC granita" so you know this is sure to cool you off and keep you feeling fresh.

11 Fresh Raspberry Lemonade Snow Cones

Fresh Raspberry Lemonade Snow ConesFresh Raspberry Lemonade Snow Cones
Now raspberry and lemonade are definitely two flavors that play well together. Imagine how tasty this would be on a hot afternoon.

12 Coconut Water Shaved Ice with Strawberry Basil Syrup

Coconut Water Shaved Ice with Strawberry Basil SyrupCOCONUT WATER SHAVED ICE WITH
Coconut water is not only a yummy way to quench our thirst, it's a healthy way to enjoy a snow cone. This recipe also includes fresh strawberries, basil, and sugar-amazing!

13 Spiked Snow Cone

Spiked Snow ConeSpiked Lemon and Raspberry Snowcones
This snow cone is great for a dessert or an afternoon treat on a hot day.

14 St-Germain Margarita Snow Cones

St-Germain Margarita Snow ConesSummer Cocktail Series: St-Germain Margarita
Who could resist this gorgeous spiked snow cone? The recipe is simple and you're going to love the result!.

I hope you try one of these snow cone or granita recipes out. They're a great alternative to ice cream when you don't want something as heavy or want to skip dairy.

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