7. Puffin Heart

This is actually a delicacy in Iceland and Gordon Ramsey was criticized in 2008 for eating the raw heart of a dead puffin on his program the 'F Word' in the UK. It wasn't the fact that he had eaten it which caused the fuss but the fact that the hunter he was with killed a bird and then pulled its heart out and ate it raw. Gordon was then handed another raw puffin heart which he happily consumed. Of course, the furor died down and no publicity is bad publicity, right? Gordon Ramsey controversy aside, puffin is considered a local delicacy in Iceland where they grant licenses to cull them. In the UK, however, they are a protected species.

I love tasting foods from around the world and I'm not criticizing these dishes at all, as many people may think that the foods I eat are strange and unusual. But all this talk of food is making me rather hungry! Is anyone tempted to try any of the dishes above or maybe you have already and would like to share your experiences? What are some of the most unusual foods you have tried on your travels?