7 Ways to Use Almond Milk 🌰🍼 Instead of Regular for Girls with Lactose Intolerence🐮⛔️ ...


There are many amazing ways to use almond milk as a fantastic cow's milk alternative. It's generally cheaper than cows milk, easy to make at home, has a thick creamy texture and slight nutty taste, and is comparable to regular milk when unsweetened. Although almond milk has less protein than animal milk, it does contain loads of vitamins and minerals such as fiber, vitamin E, magnesium, iron and calcium. If you're unable to consume dairy products for health reasons or by choice, then keep reading for some great ways to use almond milk instead of dairy!

1. Almond Milk Lattes

One of my absolute favorite ways to use almond milk is in a latte! The creamy, nutty flavor provides just enough texture for an amazing latte taste. I usually get the unsweetened kind but there are flavored options as well, like vanilla and chocolate. It's a great milk alternative and steams just like regular milk does!

Substitute for Vegan Baked Goods
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