7 Ways to Use Almond Milk Instead of Regular for Girls with Lactose Intolerence ...

By Jessica

7 Ways to Use Almond Milk Instead of Regular for Girls with Lactose Intolerence ...

There are many amazing ways to use almond milk as a fantastic cow's milk alternative. It's generally cheaper than cows milk, easy to make at home, has a thick creamy texture and slight nutty taste, and is comparable to regular milk when unsweetened. Although almond milk has less protein than animal milk, it does contain loads of vitamins and minerals such as fiber, vitamin E, magnesium, iron and calcium. If you're unable to consume dairy products for health reasons or by choice, then keep reading for some great ways to use almond milk instead of dairy!

1 Almond Milk Lattes

One of my absolute favorite ways to use almond milk is in a latte! The creamy, nutty flavor provides just enough texture for an amazing latte taste. I usually get the unsweetened kind but there are flavored options as well, like vanilla and chocolate. It's a great milk alternative and steams just like regular milk does!

2 Substitute for Vegan Baked Goods

There are plenty of baked goods, such as pancakes, french toast, cookies, etc, that require dairy. Luckily, there are superb dairy alternatives like coconut oil and almond milk that replace butter and animal milk if you would like that option. I personally find these foods to taste just the same if not better when other, possibly healthier options are available!

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3 Good with Cereal

I love whole grain cereal as a snack and when I developed a lactose intolerance, I was sad to give up milk and cereal- that is, until I discovered almond milk! Make sure to get the unsweetened kind and you can't even taste the difference. Not only that, it's creamier than fat-free milk and has fewer calories!

4 A Refreshing Creamy Drink

Sometimes a cold glass of milk is really refreshing after a dessert or something spicy- It's even amazing just as is! If you don't want animal milk however, you can try almond milk instead! Pour it over ice, flavor it however you like and enjoy. It also works well in iced coffee drinks and would be easy to create at home.

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5 Homemade "Ice-cream"

Who doesn't love icecream on a hot summer day? It's possible to get the same great taste without the fat and calories of heavy cream and loads of sugar. Blended frozen bananas, almond milk, honey and crystalized ginger make for a pretty great cold treat! You can even top it off with melted carmel or dark chocolate.

6 Smoothies

Smoothies are a favorite meal replacement or as a snack that's packed with nutrition. The possibilities with smoothies are endless from fruit, to veggies, to a combination of the two and even other additions like protein powder, chia seeds, yogurt, and of course, almond milk! Pick whatever combination that sounds delicious and add almond milk for extra creaminess and nutritional benefits.

7 Cream-Based Soups

Many comfort foods such as soups, casseroles and hearty crock pot meals call for heavy cream as a base. Often times cream can be substituted with almond milk which drastically reduces the amount of fat calories in your meal! Look for potential recipes where substitution is possible and get to cooking!

If you're interested in trying almond milk for the first time, these are some great places to start when using it as an alternative to animal milk. Would you care to add any other yummy ways that almond milk can be used daily?

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