Video 🎞 Recipe for Overnight 🌙 Oatmeal 🥄 ...

Want a breakfast you can make ahead of time and be healthy, satisfied and comforting?

Sara Lynn Cauchon shares 5 different overnight oat flavors including, carrot cake, blueberry lemon, chocolate strawberry, banana nut & pina colada.

All you need are mason jars and some ingredients, whether you want all of the recipes or just the one you like the most!

Here you go madam!

The Domestic Geek
Published on May 19, 2014

Main ingredients are:

1. Oats

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2. Whey Protein Powder

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3. Milk

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4. Yogurt

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The rest of the ingredients vary according to the following:

1. Carrot Cake

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Good if you do not want something extremely sweet.

2. Blueberry Lemon

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Instead of fresh blueberries, why not use different versions of jelly?

3. Chocolate Strawberry

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Again, use different jellies.

4. Banana Nut

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Love banana nut bread around Easter? Have all the flavor of a banana nut bread year round in this little recipe!

5. Pina Colada

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So, what are you having? I know. What could be better tasting than a good drink-flavored oatmeal?

Make these ahead of time whether chilled or warm. Not boring either, are they? Have for a snack too!


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