7 Ways to Beat Big Meal Bloat ...


You never know when you might need to call on the ways to beat big meal bloat. The nausea, the bloating, or the general lethargy - it's all how your body tells you that you should've thrown in the white towel of defeat, or the white napkin in this case, a bit earlier than you actually did. These ways to beat big meal bloat are for the occasional instance of overeating – if you need them regularly, perhaps you should look more at your eating habits.

1. Try a Cup of Green Tea

After a heavy meal, try to have a cup of green tea or coffee to settle your stomach a bit – this will also help ease digestion and is one of the simplest ways to beat big meal bloat. Replace dessert with coffee or tea, and ensure you don't end with double chocolate layer cake. Stay on a zero-calorie beverage to beat bloating.

Eat Smaller Meals, More Frequently
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