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You never know when you might need to call on the ways to beat big meal bloat. The nausea, the bloating, or the general lethargy - it's all how your body tells you that you should've thrown in the white towel of defeat, or the white napkin in this case, a bit earlier than you actually did. These ways to beat big meal bloat are for the occasional instance of overeating – if you need them regularly, perhaps you should look more at your eating habits.

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Try a Cup of Green Tea

After a heavy meal, try to have a cup of green tea or coffee to settle your stomach a bit – this will also help ease digestion and is one of the simplest ways to beat big meal bloat. Replace dessert with coffee or tea, and ensure you don't end with double chocolate layer cake. Stay on a zero-calorie beverage to beat bloating.


Eat Smaller Meals, More Frequently

There’s a good chance that you have overeaten at some point in your life. Interestingly, some people don't have to eat a lot to experience bloating, and even a normal sized meal may lead to bloating. The simple suggestion for you is to avoid eating three larger meals and instead take the same amount of food in five or six meals. This will keep your stomach from distending and prevent bloating.


Learn Your Limit

Of course, you've never packed away six pounds of seafood or downed a 4-pound grilled cheese, but you may sometimes end up overeating, and that's why it is important to learn your limit. The irony is that people usually know what it is like drinking to excess, but they don't know when they are eating to excess. The problem lies in the fact that how you stomach responds to food is completely different to how your mouth responds. Try to learn how full you feel during a normal meal, and be sure to stop as soon as you reach about that point. Understanding your limit is among the best ways to beat big meal bloat for good. Remember it takes time for your digestive system to tell your brain it has had enough.


Walk It off

One of the ways to avoid food coma is to park your car far from the restaurant where you've just had a great meal. Be sure to walk around after a big meal. Not easy of course because the urge to lie down and relax after you feel bloated will always be quite strong. Learn to beat it and take a stroll post-meal or at least walk to your car to make your drive less harrowing.


Prevent Air-Induced Bloating

One of the ways to beat bloating is to avoid air-induced bloating, which means you should stop gulping excess air when drinking or eating. So, from now on, no more straws, no more talking while gulping down food, and no more large bites, because all this will introduce excess air into your body, which will lead to bloating.


Avoid Eating Too Many Salty Foods

Salty foods cause excess water retention, and if you're prone to bloating, cutting down on these foods will save you from landing into trouble. Be sure to stay away from these foods as your period approaches or else you will end up making your usual PMS bloat even worse. Show some determination and say no to salty condiments like ketchup, soy sauce, and bottled salad dressing, and at the same time, lay off salty snacks like pretzels and chips for better effects.


Boost Your Digestive System

One of the ways to beat big meal bloat is to strengthen your small intestine so that it can absorb food quickly. For this, include foods rich in zinc in your regular meals, as this helps your small intestine do its job and keeps food from stalling in your large intestine. Add foods like eggs, salmon, yogurt, nuts, and lentils in your diet because all this will help you to beat bloating and gas, even after a big meal.

Bloating can be very uncomfortable and I re-iterate, if you experience it regularly, it is advisable to look at your eating habits and your diet; you might need to make some long-term changes. Do you suffer big meal bloat?

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