8 Ways to Boost Your Energy in the New Year ...


More and more women are reporting feeling tired most of the time, and it seems energy drinks are becoming a daily essential, but why drink those when there are so many ways to boost your energy, naturally? Start this year with plenty of energy by including these great energy-boosting foods โ€“ without an addictive sugary snack in sight! Here are 8 ways to boost your energy.

1. Brown Rice

Okay, so white rice is much easier to cook, and it takes less time. But the health benefits of picking brown rice instead just canโ€™t be ignored! It will keep you feeling fuller for longer, which is great for New Yearsโ€™ diets, it releases energy slowly and steadily to prevent an energy crash and it can help with stress and digestive problems too. Well worth that extra cooking time, I think, which is why it's earned the top spot on my list of ways to boost energy.

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