Exceptional Ways to Drink Less Alcohol at Christmas for Girls Watching Themselves ...


Exceptional Ways to Drink Less Alcohol at Christmas for Girls Watching Themselves ...
Exceptional Ways to Drink Less Alcohol at Christmas for Girls Watching Themselves ...

If you want to make it through the holidays without a massive hangover, it's important to know some ways to drink less alcohol at Christmas. Though it might not have started out that way, there is no denying that Christmas is now a time where the lines of social acceptability become blurred, and the notion of drinking all day and all night over a two-week holiday period becomes almost second nature to many of us!

The combination of being off work, back at home with your family and, whether you like to admit it or not, probably a little bit bored at times, can lead to an overwhelming temptation to drink away some of the quieter Christmas hours. Add to that the fact that you will be having a glass of wine or two with every meal and it can start to add up! Here are some ways to drink less alcohol at Christmas.

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Set a Limit

Before the drinking for a day begins, make a promise to yourself that you will only have, for example, four drinks, then it is up to you how you spread those four drinks over the course of the day. Alternatively, you could set a limit of only drinking on the weekends over the Christmas holidays. Setting limits is one of the easiest ways to drink less alcohol at Christmas.



Remember to keep eating as you drink over the Christmas period because the seasonal snacks can do a lot to absorb some of that alcohol and stop you from getting sick. Eating food can also sometimes remove that urge for another drink!



Wherever you are and whatever you are doing, always opt for the smallest size drink. This is good because even if you overindulge and have a glass or two more than you usually do, you are still having these extra drinks in smaller than usual measures.


No Top Ups

Make sure that you refuse and avoid top ups to drinks because you will never actually know how much you are drinking if your glass never reaches the bottom! Always finish off a glass before reaching for another so you can at least keep count.


Don’t Drink Alone

It can be tempting to top off a Christmas evening with a glass of wine or two on your own under a blanket on the sofa, but it’s good to avoid this practise when you know that you are going to be drinking more than usual when you are around friends and family over the holidays.


Soda from a Wine Glass

Sometimes it is the case that you don’t feel quite adult enough without a wine glass in your hand, so to feel more the part, try drinking soda or any other drink of your choice from a wine glass.


Know Your Units

Do a little homework to refresh your mind on the unit counts of certain drinks. For example, beer is far fewer units than any spirits, so bear this mind when deciding on what drink to have next!

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