7 Ways to Eat Healthy when Dining out ...


Eating out can be hard for clean eaters, unless you follow these ways to eat healthy when dining out! Restaurant portion sizes are getting bigger and bigger - not to mention all of the unhealthy ingredients used to cook the food! I used to squirm at the very though of eating out because I knew that there was just no way to do it healthfully. Until I learned following ways to eat healthy when dining out, a restaurant meal really derailed my healthy eating goals! Now, while I still limit the times per week that I dine out, I can feel a little bit more at ease when a work dinner, family function or date night comes up!

1. Look at the Menu Ahead of Time

As a dietitian and true foodie at heart, looking at the menu ahead of time is one of the best ways to eat healthy when dining out successfully. Looking at the menu prior to arriving ensures that you have enough time to think about what you are going to order. Not only that, but if you have a strong opinion or preference about a particular type of food, if you look at the menu in advance, this still allows you enough time to request a different restaurant choice if need be. As a mostly vegan myself, unless I am joining others and the plans have already been set, I like to make sure there is something that I will actually order on the menu. People are usually flexible with their dinner plans!

Start Your Meal with a Salad
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