7 Ways to Eat Healthy when Dining out ...


7 Ways to Eat Healthy when Dining out ...
7 Ways to Eat Healthy when Dining out ...

Eating healthy when dining out is not always easy to do. In fact, this can sometimes be downright frustrating since every meal you seem to be lured into ordering something that is off the charts in calories. But have no fear, take a deep breath and follow my tips to enjoy dining out the healthy way without feeling deprived. Let me offer you simple tips that have helped me to stay slim for many years, even when taking clients out for meals was part of my job. You can eat healthy and still enjoy your meals when dining out.

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Check out the Menu in Advance

Being prepared is one of the best ways to make healthy choices when dining out. Choose grilled and never go for a cream based sauce as this is highest in calories. By checking out the menu, this will also help you to avoid finding yourself leaning towards ordering a meal that is completely out of your calorie range. Most restaurants now even have menu choices of a lighter fare with calories listed so if this is the case you can opt for this and be in the safe slimming zone!


Ignore the Bread Basket

As much as we all love our share of carbs, the bread basket can do you wrong and have you feeling bloated and full before your meal has even arrived. Once you get noshing on the bread basket, especially if it is really good bread, you are on the road to racking up an additional 500-700 calories without even realizing it. So skip the break basket and save your waistline and enjoy your dining experience even more because you will savor each bite of your dinner!


Skip the Appetizer

Skip the appetizer because this pre-meal will fill you, make you lethargic and ruin your dining experience before it truly started. Appetizers can have over 1000 calories and even if you are sharing that is 500 calories for you. Yikes! So skip on the appetizer and enjoy your meal!


Enjoy a Vinegar Based Salad

Now since you skipped the appetizer you can enjoy a pre meal without guilt; this is a salad. A salad will give you plenty of cancer fighting phytonutrients and boost your immunity. To avoid racking up the calories with high calorie dressing, choose oil and vinegar. Now enjoy your greens and better your body!


Have Half Your Meal

Now that you enjoyed a salad, skipped the bread and your savory meal is served, divide your meal in half. This will help you to avoid overeating and you can also be sure to stay on track with your healthy eating goals while dining out!


Savor Each Bite

While you are enjoying each course, slow down, enjoy the company you are with and savor each bite! If you slow down, you will enjoy your meal and your overall dining experience. Often we rush through a meal and fail to enjoy the aromas and tastes, the presentation and the ambiance around! So go ahead and savor the meal and the experience!


Do Not Have Dessert and Prepare a Healthy Sweet for Home

When you have finished your meal and had a lovely dining experience out, head home and if you are really craving something sweet other than your date, have a fruit salad. Some of the best desserts are created in the comfort of your very own home.

Hope you had a great time dining out in healthily! So tell me, what is your favorite healthy meal? Mine is either grilled salmon or a turkey burger.

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