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8 Ways to Enjoy Wine without Paying through the Nose ...

By Neecey

Want a know how to get good deal on wine? A couple of decades ago none of us knew anything about wine and in Britain we were pretty much restricted to European wines, whilst the US stuck to home grown with imported wines being very expensive. Then the world market exploded and countries you never imagined began producing really good wines making it much easier to get a good deal on wine. There is though still some snobbiness surrounding wine especially in restaurants, but enjoyment and good wine doesn’t have to equal expensive. With a few tips enjoying a drink whilst getting a good deal on wine is now in reach, so read on to find out more!

1 Know Your Order

When ordering wine in a restaurant some people will abandon their hopes to select cheap wine in favor of listening to the server’s recommendations. The server will pretty much always suggest a more expensive brand of wine and it’s easy to feel intimidated. You do not want to demonstrate your lack of wine knowledge so you go with the suggestion. Know what you want to order and stick to it. There is also no harm in asking the wine waiter for a less expensive version of the recommendation, or something similar.

2 Know Your Wine

The way to enjoy affordable wine is to know just a little about wine. This doesn’t mean that it’s necessary to know where the Pinot Noir came from or anything, but some basic information can help. It also doesn’t follow anymore that it is red with red meat and white with fish and white meat. For example, if the meal of the night is pork then ask for some Cabernet, for example. This solves the problem and avoids that intimidation factor that often comes into play. It will also impress your dinner guest or date, which is always a bonus.


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3 Size of the Order

Wine pretty much used to be served by the bottle and if you just wanted one glass you were stuck with ropey house wines. Now it’s served by the glass and by the half bottle. Estimate how much wine might be needed at the start of the night and order accordingly. For bulk orders there might be discounts, so a good deal on wine can be acquired. Don’t be afraid to ask the server about any potential deals either!

4 An Unlikely Ally

An unlikely ally in the search for a good deal on wine is the Internet. On special occasions like the 4th of July or Christmas, many restaurants will seek to bring the customers in by offering deals on the wine. Have a look on the Internet and find out about the deals that local restaurants have on offer. This removes the chance aspect of just walking into a restaurant and praying that they have a deal.

5 Mixers

Just because a meal is involving wine doesn’t mean to say that it’s to be wine all the way through. If this is a meal on a tight budget then consider just ordering a glass or half bottle with the main course. For the starter and the dessert, consider getting some coffee or just sticking with plain old water. Mix and match and it is easy to turn expensive wine into something affordable.

6 Staying in

If you are going to stay in, the best wine deals are likely to be found in the supermarket rather than a specialist liquor store. Supermarkets these days often have a tremendous range of wines through the whole gamut of red, white and rose, dry, fruity, sparkling and still. Be bold and look at wines from less usual places – Hungary, Chile, Greece and even Britain. Also look out for the deals where you see buy 6 get one free etc.

7 Buy Online

It’s nearly always the case that ordering online is cheaper than buying in store. This is partly because of the fact that the wine doesn’t have to displayed in a physical store and partly because online stores want to remain competitive. Again, there’s going to be a massive range of wines online, so the Internet is a great way of getting a good deal on wine.

8 Wine Clubs

Wine clubs are a good way to sample different wines from all over the world without having to pay through the nose for it. There’s usually a monthly case offer and all the wines sent may not be to your taste, but it’s definitely something to consider on a long term basis. Buying by the case from wine clubs usually means being able to sample wines not available in the stores and furthermore, the club provides information about the wines and the science of wine production and wine tasting so it is a great way to get an education on the subject if you’re interested.

Like pretty much everything else we buy, getting a good deal on wine is usually just about knowing where to look and how to find the best bargains, and a little of not letting people guide you to a disadvantageous decision.

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