8 Ways to Make a Better Buttercream ...


There are lots of ways to make buttercream, but not all of them are right. Buttercream is half art, half science. It requires careful attention to detail, and you have to pay close attention to everything from your measurements to the exact temperature of your butter. One wrong move and you can end up with gooey, melting frosting that won't hold a shape, greasy icing that tastes too much like butter, or something way too sugary. Don't be intimidated, though! I've got several helpful ways to make buttercream better that I'm happy to share!

1. A Question of Temperature

Although there are many different ways to make buttercream, pretty much every recipe tells you that your butter should be at room temperature. How often does that happen? You'll either place your butter out hours before you plan to make your buttercream, leading to something way too soft, which in turn leads to dripping frosting, or you forget until right before you're ready. At that point you'll either microwave it and probably end up melting it entirely (done that) or you'll just try to use cold butter and end up with a stiff mess that won't mix (done that also). Instead, just place your butter out while you're getting everything else ready, maybe on top of the fridge or in front of the kitchen window. Slice it into pieces, make sure no chunks are touching, and by the time you're ready, you should be able to pinch a piece and leave an impression – perfect!

Know Your Shortenings
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