7 Ways to Make Your Green Smoothie Taste Less 'Green' ...


Everyone loves a green smoothie from time to time but are your green smoothies sometimes a little too ‘green’ to handle? These are super nutritious beverages, so don’t let the green color or flavor keep you from drinking them on a regular basis. Try any of these techniques to make your green smoothie taste better.

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Green Apples

Green Apples If you’re trying to reduce the sugar content of your green smoothie, try throwing a coarsely chopped green apple into your blender. Green apples have far less sugar than other varieties—that’s what makes them taste so tart! Green apples are also full of fiber, helping you keep full until your next meal. Using green apples can help make your green smoothie taste better without adding a ton of sugar.



Berries Berries are also a great fruit to add into your green smoothie. They’re not as low in sugar as green apples, but they have loads of antioxidants and phytonutrients that are just as important for good health. Besides the standard blueberries and strawberries, don’t be afraid of getting creative and trying fruits like goji berries, mulberries, and acai berries. These make wonderful additions to your green smoothies.



Lemon Do you drink your green smoothie first thing in the morning? Then you should definitely try adding lemon to it. Although lemon might taste acidic, it actually has a very alkalinizing effect on the body and helps restore your body’s natural pH balance. Lemon also helps detoxify your liver, adding a slightly sweet note to any green smoothie.



Ginger If you’re looking for another low-sugar way to make your smoothie less green tasting, try adding some fresh ginger to your drink. Ginger is a great digestion aid and perfect if you’re prone to stomach and IBS problems. It also helps reduce inflammation. Finally, it adds a spicy note to your smoothie, which can definitely help make your drink more palatable. Try adding a piece of raw ginger the size of your thumb to your next smoothie. Fresh is best, but you can also use ginger powder if you have that on hand.



Cinnamon If you’re including fruits like apples or pears in your smoothie, adding spices like cinnamon really brings out the natural sweetness of these fruits. Start with ¼ teaspoon of cinnamon and see if you like the flavor. Cinnamon has also been linked to better blood glucose levels, especially if you suffer from diabetes. You can easily blend apples, spinach, and some cinnamon for a smoothie that will totally remind you of an apple pie!



Stevia Stevia has become a very popular sweetener in the natural foods world, and for good reason. It’s calorie-free, sugar-free, and unlike other artificial sweeteners it’s diabetic-friendly. Stevia comes from the Amazonian stevia plant, making it an all-natural and healthy way to add sweetness to your smoothie without adding calories. You can find it in powdered or liquid form, making it a convenient way to reduce the green after taste of your smoothie.


Milder Greens like Spinach and Romaine

Milder Greens like Spinach and Romaine Have you been making your smoothies with greens like kale, Swiss chard, and dandelion greens only to hate the taste? Often these greens are super bitter-tasting, so if you’re just starting to get into smoothies it might be better to start with milder greens at first. Lettuces like spinach or romaine lettuce are excellent transitions into green smoothies, making them much more tolerable than other bitter-tasting greens and herbs.

Green smoothies are a super healthy food to incorporate into your diet. And if you play your cards right, you can totally avoid that ‘green’ taste you might not be too fond of. What are some of your favorite flavor combinations for green smoothies?

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