8 Ways to Make Your Groceries Last Longer ...


With Americans wasting an average of $2,275 a year by throwing out 40 percent of the food they buy, I think it's safe to say that it would do everyone some good to learn ways to make groceries last longer. Simple knowledge of what temperatures to store foods at, or what foods you should store together, can make all the difference. Start saving money on your groceries now by following these 8 ways to make groceries last longer.

1. Onions

It will usually save you money to buy onions in big bags rather then one at a time. That is, if you follow these ways to make groceries last longer! Believe it or not, onions stored in pantyhose will last as long as 8 months! All you need to do is put your onions in pantyhose and tie knots between each onion. Plus you can hang them in your pantry closet for some freaky wall art! If you don't want to use pantyhose, use paper bags instead. They need to be stored in a dry, breathable container, so never store them in plastic bags as they lead to mold and sprouting. Remember that this is for storing uncut onions. Cut onions should be wrapped tightly in plastic wrap and refrigerated.

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