7 Ways to Not Fall Asleep during a Boring Family Dinner ...

Let’s face it. Large family dinners can be mind numbingly boring. But since at least once (or twice) a year they are unavoidable, it’s best to be armed with strategies to help you get through them. So put on your makeup, get that smile in place and read on about the 7 tips I think can get you through boring family dinners.

1. Make up an Imaginary Illness

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Grandmoms and aunts like nothing better than discussing their various bodily ailments. And the best way of getting through boring family dinners is to join them. Make up an illness and go ahead and bore them for a change with all your symptoms and stories of aches and pains. The more creative you get, the less bored you’ll be!

2. Bone up on Latest Celebrity Gossip

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Do a quick Google search for the latest in celeb gossip and be armed with juicy tidbits to share at boring family dinners. Easiest way to get a lively conversation started. And this way you have at least something to talk about instead of staring at the ugly lampshade next to you!

3. The Weather

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You know how much polite conversation mileage can be had out of the weather? True, it can be quite boring but you can get at least 10 minutes of conversation out of how hot or cold it’s been lately. Oh, and this naturally can lead up to a discussion on global warming. And everyone likes to talk about the environment right?

4. Alcohol

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Drink to fight the boredom. Best way to have fun really. Raid the family bar and get yourself a few good drinks to take of the edge. Just remember not to get too tipsy. You’ll be the topic of conversation at all family dinners otherwise!

5. Food

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The one good thing about family dinners is the food. And since grandmoms are always convinced you’re wasting away, the more you eat, they happier they’ll be. So might as well forget that diet and enjoy the food.

6. Children (if You Have Any)

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If you have children then you really won’t have time to be bored at family dinners. You’ll have plenty to do keeping them in line!

7. Live Tweet the Dinner

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Nothing to make a boring family dinner more interesting than live tweeting the whole thing, right? Give way to the commentary in your head. It’ll make for some very fun reading for your timeline I’m sure.

Family dinners have a tendency to be boring, especially if you’re the only one from your generation attending. But remember that if you can’t beat them, join them. Keep this 7 little tips to get you through boring family dinners in mind and I’m pretty certain the next dinner you have to attend won’t be as painful as you imagine. Do you have any other tips and tricks to get through boring family dinners? Why don’t you share them with us?

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