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What to Expect on a Food Tour ...

By Olga

Food tours differ when it comes to guides and the restaurants they prefer during the trip. However, if you attend Europe and US food tours, you will notice that they have similar arrangements. If you are curious about what happens during a food tour, then you have to know the difference between a food and a walking tour. The following should enlighten you when planning for a food trip.

1 Food Tour Stops

People meet at specific places or restaurants so they can get guidance from tour guides concerning the background of the city they want to tour. Also, the guide will give you more info during food tour stops. Numerous stops to make during the tour might include the market stall, butcher shop, a café, and so on. The guide will explain to you why they choose different stops for food or drinks. What is offered at every stop depends on the tour. In other words, most firms offer culinary tours to help you learn the food you eat, grow, and process.

2 A Walking Tour

This type of trip involves groups of people with a leader guiding them on specific sites and the history of the sites or city. On the other hand, a food tour will require you to walk in a neighborhood, tasting various foods from the shops and restaurants. The tour helps you learn different types of foods and the city’s culture.

The smaller the group tour, the more costly it will be. Of course, the cost is inclusive of the multiple food tastings during your trip. Walking during a food tour is also healthy as it will enable you to have time to digest and spread the food in your body. Most average visits have 6-7 stops, whereas each stop offers a plate of food. By the time you reach the 5th stop, you may feel full to eat again.

3 Buying Things during Food Tour

You will find numerous shops that sell their goods during the trip, but you won’t be able to shop much. Other shopkeepers offer coupons so you can return to their store for discounts. If you notice a specific item along your trip, you may decide to come back for it later. Expect to taste lots of food during the journey, and learn about different cultures and history of the cities you visit. The fun comes when you try foods you have never tested before and still find them delicious.

4 Conclusion

Culinary tours, also known as food tours, involve a guided tour to local food and beverage sights. The tours will allow you to taste different types of foods and artisan products. You will also learn the history and culture of the city or region you are touring. Another important thing is to have a hint on what to expect during the trips through a tour description. If you are allergic to any food, let the touring company know so they can make alternative plans for you.

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