What Your Food Cravings Say about You ...


What Your Food Cravings Say about You ...
What Your Food Cravings Say about You ...

There are studies that suggest that food cravings are a reaction to our emotions rather than being a nutritional issue. When we don’t deal with an emotion in a mental way or we can’t understand our feelings, many of us turn to food. It follows therefore that if you understand your craving you could tackle the emotion that’s causing it. Do you have food cravings? Let’s try and understand them, shall we?

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Sweet Baked Goods

Sweet Baked Goods If you want to know what your food cravings mean, and you are particular used to craving sweet foods like pastries, cake and pie, experts believe that this is the sign of a person that works very long hours and has a pretty hard job. If you do not experience much joy in your work environment, you are more likely to seek some sweet relief when you get home!



Salt People who crave really salty foods like potato chips are very likely to be more laid back, relaxed and dare I say, perhaps a tad lazy! This is because the more salt we have in our bodies, the more water is displaced, and the less water we have, the less active we are going to be.



Starch If you crave soft, starchy foods like pasta, potato and rice then that can mean that you are in need of some food related hugging or hand holding. Starchy foods make us feel nice and full, so can be perfect for those times when we are seeking some comfort in the form of a tasty meal.



Spice People who are always craving spicy foods tend to be direct, to the point of being individuals who like to take risks and like a little bit of action in their lives. They love to be on the go whether it’s a trip to the movie theatre or a more crazy activity like skydiving or bungee jumping!



Crunchy/Crispy Do you find that you can’t wait to get home and crunch away on some crispy treats? Perhaps you have some feelings of pent up anger or frustration that can be safely and inoffensively let out by creating the loud crunching sounds of a good cookie or two. Crunchy foods give you the centre stage, so crunch away to get the attention you think you deserve.



Chocolate Craving chocolate can sometimes mean that you want to be covered in the kind of sweet, sugary safety blanket that only the best bar of (insert the name of your favorite chocolate bar here) can provide. Perhaps the best and most effective comfort food of all time, there is nothing wrong with a nice little hug from a chocolate or two after a hard day’s work!



Caffeine People who are constantly craving that caffeine kick are likely to enjoy being in the centre of all the action and attention. However, with the kick comes the withdrawal, so caffeine cravers can tend to be a bit up and down with regards to their overall mood; mentally sharp when the craving it satisfied, but irritable when they haven’t had their fix!


Ice Cream

Ice Cream Ice cream often has a strong nostalgic link back to childhood, so if you find yourself craving some sweet, cold goodness then it might suggest that you are missing the more carefree days of endless summer holidays and no responsibilities. Maybe those work deadlines are playing more on your mind than you think.



Cheese Cheese, along with many other dairy products, signifies a desire to be nourished and cared for, and this could mean in both a physical and an emotional sense. Those that constantly crave cheese might be hankering for a touch of maternal love and the kind of comfort that comes along with it.

What do you crave most? Mine is chocolate and salt – together - so I love the current trend of salty sweet things. Have you ever considered how your cravings might relate to how you’re feeling?

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Definitely caffeine

Besides caffeine and cheese, I crave the whole list 😅

I had a week where I simply craved pasta, still kinda do

Say "cheeeeeeeese" !!!

Don't like salt - sweet bake goods are my favorite.

I have to admit with myself about the salt thing and the spicy thing is also true for me at least

I crave everything here other than caffeine

I just thought I craved things because I was hungry for certain tastes. This is fascinating.

I crave nothing but caffeine!! High school kicks your butt! Early mornings and late nights!:(

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