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35 Vino-Graphics All Wine Lovers Need in Life ...

By Jennifer

If you love wine - and who doesn't? - chances are, you'd love to know a little more about this magical elixir, like its history, its best matches, and more. So pop the cork, pour a glass, and read on, my dear!

1 How Long Will It Last?

How Long Will It Last?Source: Here's How Long Wine Really

2 Wine, from Dry to Sweet

Wine, from Dry to SweetSource:


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3 The Right Temp Matters

The Right Temp MattersSource: Wine Serving & Storage Temperatures

4 Pairing Christmas Cookies with Wine

Pairing Christmas Cookies with WineSource: America's 14 Favorite Christmas Cookies

5 How to Choose a Bottle

How to Choose a BottleSource: How To Choose The Right

6 Pairing Herbs and Wine

Pairing Herbs and WineSource: Pairing Herbs With Wine: INFOGRAPHIC

7 Mulled Wine Recipes (yum!)

Mulled Wine Recipes (yum!)Source: 3 Of Our Favorite Mulled

8 Build Your Best Sangria

Build Your Best SangriaSource: Choose Your Own Sangria Adventure!

9 Beer Vs. Wine

Beer Vs. WineSource: If You Like This Beer

10 Skip Ahead to the Thin Mints

Skip Ahead to the Thin MintsSource: These Are the Wines You

11 Wine + Cheese

Wine + CheeseSource: 9 Charts That Will Help

12 Sparkling Wines 101

Sparkling Wines 101Source: The Other Lil Bub: A

13 Geographically Speaking

Geographically SpeakingSource: World Of Wine: Who Produces

14 Wine Hacks

Wine HacksSource: 12 Essential Wine Hacks You

15 Pairings Again

Pairings AgainSource: How To Pair Wine With

16 A Beginner's Guide to Wine

A Beginner's Guide to WineSource: A beginner’s guide to wine

17 DI-wine

DI-wineSource: How to Make Wine in

18 Wine + Chocolate

Wine + ChocolateSource: The Chocolat Lovers Guide to

19 Drink It like a Pro

Drink It like a ProSource: Channel Your Inner Sommelier: Drink

20 SeriouslY? Seriously!

SeriouslY? Seriously!Source: Bustle

21 Become a Master Sommelier

Become a Master SommelierSource: What it Means to be

22 Red and White

Red and WhiteSource: All About Wine - PositiveMed

23 Around the World

Around the WorldSource: A Guide to the Best

24 Flavor Profiles

Flavor ProfilesSource: 16 Red Wine Varieties Broken

25 Does It Keep the Doctor Away?

Does It Keep the Doctor Away?Source: Wine0ing Wednesday: A Glass of

26 What is Port Wine?

What is Port Wine?Source: What is Port Wine

27 Wine and Veggies

Wine and VeggiesSource: Infographic: How To Pair Wine

28 Wine Math

Wine MathSource: Wine Math: How Many Grapes

29 Wine and Pizza

Wine and PizzaSource: If You Eat This Pizza

30 Red and White Wine

Red and White WineSource: Wine Workshop 101: Red Vs

31 The Wines of Italy

The Wines of ItalySource: A Complete Introduction To The

32 Mealtime Magic

Mealtime MagicSource: Food and Wine Pairing

33 Which Glass?

Which Glass?Source: The Right Wine in the

34 What's That Smell?

What's That Smell?Source:

35 It's Kind of like a Family Tree, but for Wine

It's Kind of like a Family Tree, but for WineSource: The Wine Grape Family Vine

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