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Interested in learning about some simple yet tasty ways to spruce up your tea? As much as I like drinking tea all on its own, there are times that I like to spice things up a bit. As you probably already are aware of, there are many health benefits to drinking tea. The great thing is that there are lots of yummy and healthy options in things you can add to tea making it a quite healthful drink. For some ideas on ways to spruce up your tea, try out some of the add-ins below!

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Pie Spices

One of the easiest ways to spruce up your tea is to head to your spice rack and grab pumpkin or apple pie spice or cinnamon and add a little to your hot tea. It might seem weird, but they can add a subtle hint of flavor to your tea and give it a little zing when you want something different. It won’t totally transform your tea, so if you really want to alter the flavor to make it sweeter, use a pie spice with some sugar or honey.


Lemon or Lime Slice

I realize adding citrus to your tea is nothing new, but it’s still worth mentioning for those who haven’t tried it yet! One of my favorite flavor combos is to add a lemon slice and some honey to lemon tea. It’s the perfect amount of tart and sweet and really warms you up. Some people find that leaving a lemon slice in might leave your tea a little bitter and in that case, just take it out after your tea is done brewing or squeeze the juice out.



Historically, sweetener is probably the most commonly used tea add-in, but we have so many more options in sweeteners nowadays. Whether you like sugar, Stevia, honey or Agave nectar, any of these choices can turn a plain cup of tea into a drink that can curb your sweet tooth and satisfy cravings. I was always used to drinking tea plain, but there are certain types of tea that can benefit from a little added sugar.


Other Types of Tea

Have you ever thought of mixing teas? I never thought about it before, but it’s actually a genius idea! If you have some tea that you’re not too fond of or just got bored of the flavor, mix it up! I force myself to drink ginger tea due to its health benefits; however, I find the flavor on its own less than desirable. Add a teabag with fruit or cinnamon flavor like Good Earth’s Sweet and Spicy and it’s like a brand new tea.



Although I’ve read numerous reports that adding milk to tea can counteract some of the health benefits of the tea, sometimes you just crave a creamy drink. While adding milk doesn’t make the drink unhealthy, some research has shown that milk can blunt the effects of the antioxidants in tea. At the end of the day, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with adding some milk or almond milk to your tea and it tastes so delicious! If you’ve never tried it, give it a go.



Adding juice is another one of the simple things to add to tea that can really elevate the flavor of your drink. Apple, orange, pineapple or whatever juice is your favorite can totally take your tea to the next level. Juice is great to add to iced tea, but it can be just as tasty in hot tea as well. Just make sure you don’t add too much or it can overpower the flavor of your tea.



Last but not least, if you’re of age to drink alcohol, you can add a shot of vodka, brandy or whiskey to your tea. Some recommend steeping the tea bag into the alcohol first as it appears to directly dissolve flavor chemicals that aren’t as easily dissolved in water, then adding water to adjust the taste to your liking. If you like adding Bailey’s or Kahlua to your coffee, try adding a shot to your tea!

As you can see, there are many things to add to tea that can make it even more enjoyable. Do you consider yourself a tea purist or do you like to add things to your tea? Although I love plain tea, I’m always up for trying something new. What’s your favorite way to enjoy tea? I’d love to try out one of your recipes!

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My mother in law told me that she use to use condensed milk.

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