8 Wonderful Soups for Fall ...


Fall Soup is a wonderful delicacy on those cold autumn evenings. It's generally easy to make because it's one of those meals you can just allow to simmer on the stove after you've prepared the ingredients. Better still, fall soup is warm and hearty, whether it's made with meat or entirely of vegetables. I'm a huge fan of soup in general, and in fall, it's one of my favorite things. If you love fall soup too, take a look at these delicious recipes!

1. Leek and Potato Soup

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Leek and Potato Soup

My favorite fall soup is probably potato soup – made in the southern style by my mother! I've never been able to eat anyone else's potato soup, not even my own – until this recipe! The addition of leeks makes it incredible. This is actually a Julia Childs recipe, and it was a favorite of editor Judith Jones. The addition of whipping cream makes it indescribably rich.

Pasta, Sausage, and Bean Soup
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