Would You Eat These Weird Celeb Fave Foods ?


Would You  Eat These Weird Celeb Fave Foods ?
Would You  Eat These Weird Celeb Fave Foods ?

Would you eat these weird fave foods of celebs

The YouTube video talked about below, is basically meant to make you laugh today! This video is funny as the topic is about four celebs' favorite foods, but the foods are weird...very weird.

All except for throwing up once, Abrion makes it through with somewhat...ease.

Want to laugh? Here you go!

Published on Jun 23, 2017

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Scott Foley

Peanut butter on scrambled eggs! Abrion reports that it's not good but not bad. She claims the concoction is kind-of "confusing"?



Ketchup on bananas! Abrion asks if Beyonce was pregnant when she came up with this one! Following, Abrion says the duo have no "consistency"?


Kourtney Kardashian

Relish and mayonnaise sandwiches! Abrion was pleasantly surprised with this duo and reports the mixture to be kind of a "normal" food. Abrion says Kourtney is not weird.

and finally...


Channing Tatum

Peanut butter with Cheetos! Abrion reports that it's not bad with a crunchy consistency. This concoction received a two thumbs up!

If you like this video, kindly hit the "like" button, as the poor girl tortured herself in doing this video! LOL

I hope you are laughing and smiling! Have a good day!

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