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7 Yogurts with Too Much Sugar That Are Best Avoided ...

By Heather

There are hundreds of varieties of yogurt to choose from these days, but if you’re looking out for your waistline and blood sugar levels, be sure you stay away from certain yogurts with too much sugar. I encourage you to flip over the container of yogurt and read the ingredient list before you just snatch it up due to fancy marketing claims on the front of the package. Most all yogurts out there are laden with more sugar than a doughnut! Sugar is one of the worst ingredients for your brain and body, so avoid these yogurts with too much sugar and always opt for the plain varieties as the best option.

1 Yoplait

Yoplait Yoplait is one of the most popular brands of yogurts out there, but it also makes many of the worst yogurts with too much sugar. There is no Yoplait yogurt that doesn’t have added sugars, including the Greek, 100 calorie, and fat-free options. You’re best off avoiding this brand altogether, despite the marketing hype it receives.

2 Chobani Flavors

Chobani Flavors I’m a huge fan of Chobani’s plain, nonfat Greek yogurt but their flavored options need some work. They still include high amounts of sugar in some form or another, even in the 100 calorie varieties. Always go for the light blue Chobani label, which only has 4 grams of sugar per 6 ounce container. It comes straight from plain, hormone-free, cultured, fat-free milk!

3 Dannon Fruit on the Bottom

Dannon Fruit on the Bottom Fruit’s not all that’s in the bottom of this yogurt- you’ll also find 24-30 grams of sugar in most varieties, before fruit is even listed on the ingredient list. Instead, go for Dannon’s Oikos plain, unsweetened Greek yogurt as the healthiest option from this mainstream brand.

4 Dannon Classic Flavors

Dannon Classic Flavors Coffee and vanilla sound delightful, right? Well, they may be delectable flavors but with 25 grams of sugar, you’d be much better off blending plain yogurt with a little coffee, vanilla extract, or even fresh coffee beans for a healthier option.

5 Dannon Drinks

Dannon Drinks Dannon Drinks come with around 28 grams of sugar in just one 7 ounce container, which is almost as bad as the sugar in most soda brands! Don’t drink your sugar, especially when it’s masked as a good source of calcium and probiotics.

6 Regular Activia

Regular Activia Activia is actually a great yogurt to choose if you choose the light, no-sugar-added varieties (which are only 60 calories apiece). The kind you want to avoid is regular Activia, which resembles the light varieties in appearance, so be careful to pay attention to which type you buy. Sugar actually destroys good gut bacteria and the point of probiotics, especially those in Activia, is to rebuild inner gut bacteria to a healthy level. Go with Activia Light or Activia Greek Light for the best, no-sugar-added options.

7 Noosa

Noosa This trendy new yogurt might seem like the healthier option but it, too, is a sneaky source of sugar you’ll want to avoid. In fact, right after milk is listed on the label comes cane sugar. Though it’s less refined than pure white sugar, as you know- sugar is sugar is sugar, plain and simple.

Give yourself the healthier option in the yogurt department and always stick with plain, plain Greek, or no-sugar-added varieties. You can always add stevia (which is sugar free and all natural), along with fresh or frozen fruit to sweeten it up the healthier way. What yogurts do you typically buy each week?


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