Your Favorite Pizza According to Your Zodiac Sign ...


Your Favorite Pizza According to Your Zodiac Sign ...
Your Favorite Pizza According to Your Zodiac Sign ...

Want to know your favorite pizza according to your zodiac sign? Everybody loves pizza, right? Let’s be real, if you don’t love pizza, then there is probably something very wrong with you! Or, alternatively, could it be that you have yet to discover what your signature and ideal flavor should be. With so many different toppings to choose from and a variety of sauces, bases and crusts, the world of pizza can be a tricky one to navigate, so why not leave it up to the stars to decide which delicious slice you should be eating? Here is your favorite pizza according to your zodiac sign.

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You don’t mind waiting that little bit longer if you know that results are going to be better, and there is nothing that suits delayed gratification in the pizza world like a delicious Chicago deep dish!


For the curious and adaptable Gemini, the anticipation of a cheesy masterpiece layered with toppings galore is a treat for their taste buds. As communicators of the zodiac, they appreciate the myriad of flavors conversing in harmony within the crust of a Chicago deep dish. Letting that pie take its time in the oven means when it's finally time to dig in, every bite is infused with perfection and worth the chatter at the dinner table. After all, Gemini loves to savor conversations and pizza that's just as deep and engaging!



Cancers are all about home comforts and old family traditions, so it’s safe to say that the pizza you are looking for right now is probably whichever pizza was your mother’s favorite!



You have a hard time keeping things low key, so when it comes to ordering a pizza, you end up getting pretty much every single topping under the sun, complete with some kind of stuffed crust if that’s an option!



Virgos tend to be the most health conscious of all the signs, so when you indulge in a pizza, you can be sure that you’ll opt for a modern but tasty cauliflower crust vegan option.



You like to foster an air of sophistication in all of your food choices, so the only kind of pizza for you is a wood fired prosciutto creation that you would rather eat with a knife and fork than your hands!



Scorpios are always directing their thoughts to the bedroom whether they realize it or not, so you can be sure that your pizza of choice will have peculiar ingredients that all have aphrodisiac qualities, like oysters for example!



You are a little bit sweet and a little bit sour, a very divisive character who deserves an equally divisive pizza. There is only one go to - the classic Hawaiian!



You like your food choices to a be little different to match your contrary attitude toward life, so white pizza (pizza without the tomato base) is the perfect choice for you.



Aquarians are known for being the most ethically aware of all the signs, so you are probably going to want to opt for a vegetarian pizza just to keep your conscience clean!



A Pisces is incredibly easy to please, preferring to make everyone around them happy rather than being selfish, so when it comes to choosing the pizza, you are happy to leave it to your friends because you can get down with any toppings under the sun!



You don’t like a lot of fuss when it comes to food and life in general, so the thought of a cheesy pepperoni pizza is just about perfect for an Aries!



You always like to do a little extra in all areas of your life, so a meaty pizza with a thick crust and extra cheese fits the bill, not to mention a bottle of red wine and a pint of ice cream to go with it!

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