You've NEVER 🚫 Seen Avocado 🍈 Look 👀 This Good!

Apparently, I've been preparing avocado all wrong. Usually, I just smash it up for a little tasty guac, but foodie Colette Dike makes art with avocados. She's seriously amazing with the little fruit, and here's why.

1. On Toast, with Pesto

Are you kidding me right now? I just cut it into thin slices and smack it on toast, while she's made something pretty enough to give as a Valentine's gift.

2. Pomegranate & Pickled Ginger Guac

Again, I just smash mine up into guac, and it looks nothing like this masterpiece.

3. Symmetrical Sammies

These sammies bear the iconic avocado shape, but they're so tastily topped, I can barely recognize them.

4. Avocado Bun

What's that inside this "burger"? Goat cheese, sambal... and a yummy-looking avocado "bun." Unreal!

5. Avocado Cake

This is almost too pretty to eat. Almost. Pass me some chips.

6. Another View

This is just a top-view of that amazing avocado cake. My birthday is in May, in case you're wondering.

7. With Sweet Potato Fries

I never would have thought to try sweet potato fries with avocado, but that swirl isn't just there for looks.

8. Quail's Eggs

These are so pretty, I don't care that they're stuffed with soft-boiled quail's eggs (not my favorite). Who knew food could be beautiful?

9. Truffle

This avocado truffle, with goat cheese stuffing and bacon crumble, won't be replacing my favorite chocolate treat anytime soon, but ... I really want to try it!

10. Tiny Swirls on Toast

She says this is for Sunday morning, but this is too pretty to only eat one day a week.

11. Slices on a Sammich

This may not look as unreal to you as it does to me, unless you, too, have struggled to slice an avocado. No matter how sharp my knife, or how firm the avocado, my "slices" end up as "mush."

12. Avocado Fries

Move over French fries, forget sweet potato fries: avocado fries are here.

13. Summer Salad

Okay, now she's just showing off, because if I can't slice an avocado, I sure can't make it into a lovely ribbon.

14. Tall Stack

That's meatloaf on the bottom there. This just looks divine.

15. Pita Pizza

I would eat this for lunch (and possibly dinner) every. damn. day.

16. Avocado "Egg"

That's black quinoa, which I didn't know existed til now, and which I now must try, stat. Apparently, Lauren Conrad loves this, too.

17. Green Smoothie

While most green smoothies get their color from kale, this one's made with (you guessed it) avocado. Yum!

Which of these gorgeous green dishes are you dying to try? To see more of Colette's creativity, follow her on Instagram at @fooddeco.