9 Cleansing Veggies You Should Eat Each Day ...


I adore veggies of all kinds, and though most veggies are technically cleansing veggies, there are some more potent than others.

If you’re trying to give your system a reboot or just want to include some seriously cleansing veggies into your day, check out these delicious veggies that you can find at your everyday supermarket.

If you can, purchase them organic to get the most bang for your buck too.

You don’t need a fancy detox to cleanse your body, but instead, incorporate real foods to cleanse your system the way it prefers- naturally!

1. Asparagus


One of the best cleansing veggies out there is asparagus, and it is also one of my favorites!2

Asparagus is considered one of the best foods for women and for weight loss.

It contains natural prebiotics that act like food for probiotics and the healthy bacteria in our digestive tracts, so it increases digestive and colon health.

Yet, the benefits don’t stop there.

This cleansing veggie is also rich in B vitamins, including folate, which is essential for women’s health, and B 6, which lowers stress levels.

It is also super rich in potassium, making it a natural diuretic helping to cleanse the body of excess water weight.

It also contains fiber to increase regularity and it tastes incredible grilled with a little lemon juice and black pepper, or raw by itself dipped in salsa or hummus.

You can even buy it frozen and it works just as great.

2. Artichokes


Another cleansing veggie you want to keep on your radar is the almighty artichoke!

Artichokes are one of the most digestive friendly and liver friendly veggies out there.

Artichokes have the ability to help the liver to produce bile to remove fatty acids and transport waste out of the body.

They also increases regularity due to their high fiber content.

If you like to prepare artichokes fresh, great!

I, however, find that buying the organic canned hearts is a much easier, faster and less expensive option.

Artichokes have been proven to lower insulin levels and cravings for sweets as well, since they contain natural substances that curb your sweet tooth.

I love them because they have a tangy, zippy taste, much like pickles!

Rinse canned artichokes in water to remove excess salt and don't buy them soaked or marinated in oils.

Experience a naturally detoxing and cleansing veggie you’ll soon learn to love.

Put a few of the hearts after rinsing them on top of a salad or steam them.

They're even tasty grilled too!

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